Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Drowning in Taxes, Tolls & BC Liberal Hubris: How the Citizens of BC Find our Incomes Dwindling Away to Nothing

Dear Mr. Campbell:

Regular Joe Jason Cox wrote to the premier: And The Province got him a response

I just finished watching the news and see that we will be paying a toll on the new Port Mann Bridge.

I am so tired that at every turn in this province I have to pay for something -- and not just a little bit but a lot.

The majority of the population of B.C. is close to my tax bracket -- and NOT yours -- and we are so pounded with paying in this province for everything that there is rarely enough to enjoy. You have helped make it hard to live here in my province.

There is a user fee for everything, parking fees are unacceptable, tolls, property taxes, HST, the overall price of everything, and still you do not even raise the minimum wage?

How do you think we all make it? Do you even care? You grin and give out empty promises and do the exact thing all politicians do -- screw the working man.

I have often discussed with other folks how we all would gladly pay our share if we could actually see how much this province brings in, total! Then we would like to see where it goes!

I have never understood how one of the richest nations on the planet can charge its people so much money for everything. You all are clearly doing something wrong. You have sold so much of B.C. to outside interests it makes me sick to my stomach for what you've done to my child's future.

I don't know if you ever started out in politics to really change things and perhaps you did for folks with money, but you have done nothing for me and the rest of my British Columbian friends.

Change needs to be made.

I will do my best to write, email, call and personally talk to anyone who is ready to ignite change. We desperately need it. I expect the usual political, positive-spin email or letter back without any apology as per usual. You just don't care.

Yours Truly,

Jason Cox


The Response: I know that many feel like Jason, which sickens me too much to repeat here.