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Premier Clark: Its good to have friends, or family, in high places

Christy Clark accused of interfering in local band election to aid brother’s deal

Mark Hume. (2016). The Globe and Mail.
Premier Christy Clark has been accused of interfering in a local band election to help a candidate who supports a $10-million wind farm proposal involving her brother, Bruce Clark.
Ms. Clark was not available for comment, but her office denied that the Premier’s recent visit to Haida Gwaii was in any way meant to influence the campaign of Chief Ken Rea, who was narrowly re-elected Monday, or to assist Mr. Clark’s business deal with the band.
“There’s no merit to this allegation whatsoever,” said Ben Chin, executive director of communications for Ms. Clark.
During her visit to Old Massett, a small native community on the north end of Haida Gwaii, Ms. Clark announced at a public meeting that the province was making a $150,000 grant to the Old Massett Village Council (OMVC).
The money is for a feasibility study of a proposed $4-million expansion to the 40-student elementary school on the reserve.
The announcement gave a boost to the campaign of Mr. Rea, who has been a long-time supporter of Mr. Clark’s proposed wind farm.
But Mr. Chin said there was no link between Ms. Clark’s visit and Mr. Clark’s private business dealings.
“The Premier is not aware of any relationship between Mr. Clark’s company and Old Massett Village Council,” Mr. Chin said.
Mr. Chin said the Premier went to Old Massett as a “relationship building” exercise, and it appears she got caught in political crossfire.
But Kimball Davidson, a candidate who was trying to unseat Mr. Rea, said the Premier’s surprise visit and the grant she announced on Nov. 26 unfairly helped his rival.
“I would consider it political interference,” Mr. Davidson said before Monday’s vote. “It’s in Bruce Clark’s best interest if Ken Rea becomes chief councillor again.”
Mr. Davidson, who got 117 votes to Mr. Rea’s 159, is opposed to the business deal between OMVC and Mr. Clark’s company, Broadwing Renewables Inc. and instead favours OMVC working in partnership with the Council of Haida Nation (CHN) to develop a wind farm.
Mr. Davidson said the school grant is curious because Chief Matthews Elementary School is on reserve lands, and is therefore a federal responsibility, and because two expansion studies have been done in the past 10 years with federal funds.
“I was kind of shocked that Christy Clark would come up here just to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to give you some money,’” Mr. Davidson said. “I think it all has to do with her brother.”
Mr. Clark said he had nothing to do with the grant and denied doing anything to get Ms. Clark to visit Old Massett.
“I have trouble getting her to come for family dinners,” he said.
Mr. Clark said he did help Mr. Rea make connections with government education officials.
“I simply told [Mr. Rea], ‘If you have issues, here’s who you talk to,’” he said.
Mr. Clark said due to his sister’s job as premier he is very sensitive to potential conflicts of interest, and he won’t get involved in business deals unless it’s through a public bidding process.
“At the end of the day, when you go through a public process and you’ve been prescreened and qualified and you have the best price and you win, I don’t see how anybody can complain about that,” he said.
Mr. Rea agreed Mr. Clark’s only role was that he helped make connections with the government.
“I don’t know anybody at the province, so Bruce gave me a number to call,” he said.
Mr. Rea said he dealt with officials in the Ministry of Education, not the Premier’s office, and Ms. Clark’s visit had nothing to do with the election.
“I don’t need her to come up to win or lose this election,” he said Monday, before the vote. “The real value for me to bring the Premier to help our community here is to give [the federal government] a kick.”
Mr. Rea said he was told by officials in Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (formerly Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) that if he secured provincial funds, he could use it to leverage $2-million out of Ottawa and $2-million out of Victoria.
John Disney, economic development officer for OMVC, said the council has been working with Mr. Clark for several years, hoping to develop a wind farm to replace the diesel generation that now provides electricity on northern Haida Gwaii.
“That project is ready to go. It has been since 2007. The only thing that is stopping it is our own Nation, the Council of Haida Nation [CHN], won’t give us a letter of support for it. So it’s sort of internal politics,” Mr. Disney said.
Peter Lantin, president of the CHN, didn’t return calls.
Mr. Disney said the wind farm would cost about $10-million to develop and Broadwing Renewables Inc. would arrange the financing, bring in a firm to build the project, and then, after about five years, OMVC would buy full control.
The project could not go ahead without an electricity purchasing agreement with BC Hydro. In 2012, the power corporation made a request for expressions of interest on Haida Gwaii and received 26 submissions, including one from Broadwing Renewables. BC Hydro did not pursue any of those renewable power deals at that time for cost reasons.
Mora Scott, a BC Hydro spokesperson, said in an e-mail the corporation has asked the Haida Nation for a proposal, but “no project has been brought forward or selected at this time.”

Housing: Rich Coleman, Housing Minister, calls people who need housing 'whining' people'

Housing minister's comments about 'whining' people are insulting: critic

One year until Election 41 in BC: May 9 2017

Its a year now until the next election, the 41st in British Columbian history.

Never at any point has it been more important to work to rid our province of the BC Liberal oligarchy.

Check back here for stories of BC Liberal misdeeds, scandals, and other stories that get to the heart of what the BC Liberal party has come to be known for:

Fiscal mismanagement and distortion.
Corruption and self-protection and preservation.
The most unaccountable, harmful government in B.C. history.

Please share and distribute this blog so people can learn the truth about this governing party and its insiders.

Thanks to all of the people who have been reading for all of these years.

BC Liberals Suck

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Some chat from The Post-Mortem: #Elxn40 Shake

Blogger Gabriel Laurence Cayer said...

I don't think it's "clear that Clark didn't win this election, Dix lost it." Dix squandered most of his lead by heading a pretty lame campaign, but it took a really brilliant Liberal campaign to put Clark all the way over the top.
9:44 PM
Blogger BC Liberals Suck said...
It is very clear that the NDP (not just Dix) ran "a pretty lame campaign" and this may have squandered a good lead. There is more than one reason this happened, not just a bad campaign strategy. 

I would hope those of us with a variety of political persuasions can all agree on one thing - that polls are full of crap! We might as well have people throwing bones and soothsaying the outcome of elections from here on out. 

However, it is absolute nonsense to think "it took a really brilliant Liberal campaign to put Clark all the way over the top."

Millions of dollars, both taxpayer BC Liberal supporters and others, were shoveled out of the back of a truck and Christy Clark couldn't manage to get elected in her own riding!!! 

This stunning defeat came from the person who had been both the MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, but also front and centre as Premier for 2 years!!! She lost, even though she was running against a political neophyte, David Eby, who had far less financial resources backing him, and is an unknown quantity to a lot of people. 

What Eby had was an outstanding and hardworking campaign team, a brilliant mind and passion to serve the public good. He is also a person with the kind of integrity and ethics Clark could never begin to even dream of. His constituents are fortunate to have him represent them, those who voted for him and those who didn't. 

What the BC Liberals had was lots of $$$ (much of it taxpayers) for attack ads, candidates who appealed to local voters, and some really safe ridings. They also have voters who like their political ideologies and decisions, no matter how bad they are and how they impact us. Its only a matter of time before all of us get this, because no-one can be shielded forever. 

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that because there are no doctors, or transportation for people living in smaller communities in BC to go to places to see doctors and specialists (as well as waitlists to see them), by the time they are able to find ways to get to doctors, they see them and are riddled with cancer and die within very short time frames. That is Health Care brought to you by the BC Liberals. 

In some ways, as the BC Liberal brand of government keeps imploding upon itself, and the election lies start to become more apparent, or fail to materialize, the NDP and their supporters might just start to think it was a blessing in disguise not to win this go around.
Watch and wait, it's all coming apart at the seams. BS, spin, mismanagement, and incompetence can only work for so long before it all starts to fall apart.
6:54 PM

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Post-Mortem: #Elxn40 Shake

An exuberant (unelected) Premier Christy Clark was making the rounds of the media today, with a start on the Jeff O'Neill morning show on 99.3 CFOX where she was given bad champagne to toast her victory until she was onto the next media hit. The foremost question on everyone's mind is who is going to step aside so she can try and win a "sure thing" riding.

Meanwhile, the obligatory gnashing of teeth, hand wringing and the like are carrying on as people try to figure this $hit out. In no particular order:

  • Adrian Dix is tarnished and a sitting target because of the stuff that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away. It made great ads to bash him, but it was what Stephen Colbert would call "truthiness." He was not, at the end of the day, a criminal. He made a mistake and he resigned. That is a helluva lot more than some of the deviants, Machiavellians and their ilk that are running around the BC public sector under the last 12 years. I guess we get 4 more now. Bully for us!
  • It scared the $^*! out of people when the NDP talked about raising the debt with new spending in a time of economic insecurity and high personal debt. 
  • Dix is no match to Clark's charismatic leadership. She's a good debater, presented as confident, well spoken  on many occasions. When she can't dazzle them with her speaking points, she will baffle them with BS that means nothing. To those managed to get off their couches to vote, she seems like more of a confident, go-getter leader than Mr. Policy. It isn't that Dix isn't up to the job. He just can't compete with her carefully crafted image and the spin machine behind her. 
  • Negative campaigning and advertising blitzes work. This campaign proved this to me in spades. You couldn't turn around without seeing, hearing, being exposed to a negative ad about Dix, contrasted by warm and fuzzy ones with Clark sitting around the table in soft light. I'm surprised they didn't rig up a halo. 
  • People who did not vote strategically in swing ridings helped elect a BC Liberal majority. If voters strategically swung votes from independents, or Greens to the NDP to prevent a Liberal majority we would have had different outcomes in many ridings. In saying that, I think it is exciting that Andrew Weaver, the first Green Party member was elected. And I think it is great Vicki Huntington is back too as an Independent. 
A bit of a round up:

BC NDP flailed instead of fighting back against vicious BC Liberal attack - and lost the election during the campaign

Bill Tieleman's 24 Hours Vancouver/The Tyee columnMay 15, 2013.

Tuesday night’s victory by Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberals will go down in British Columbia political history as one of the biggest upset victories ever.

Unfortunately, it will also go into the books as a triumph of fear over hope, of choosing incredibly negative, personal attack ads over policy and vision, and a revolting example that using taxpayer dollars to advertise your own party cause works.

Clark’s team ran the most right-wing, Republican-style campaign Canada has ever seen.

The BC Liberals were relentlessly nasty, using wealthy allies to air slurs against BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix, while spending voters’ own money to promote the party with a collection of demonstrably false claims about B.C.’s budget, job creation and debt.

And yet, it worked.

For that, the BC NDP must bear its own share of the blame. It allowed a 20-point lead to disappear in a failed campaign that flailed instead of fighting back.

Despite the Harmonized Sales Tax betrayal, the BC Rail scandal and Clark being one of the most unpopular premiers in Canada, the NDP blew it.

And now B.C. will suffer the consequences of electing a leader who is more vicious than visionary.

Excuses cited for not participating in Tuesday’s provincial election, as well as suggestions to making voting easier, are a load of crap

BCNDP Wrestle Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: BC Liberal win majority, while Clark loses her own seat

Explain to me what kind of twisted "democracy" we have here in BC when a person (Christy Clark) can fail to be elected in her own riding, but will continue to be Premier of her party, which won a majority?

Have said it before, but it bears repeating - to the victor goes the spoils and the corporations are licking their chops at what Clark and the BC Liberals will be delivering to them. People  of BC, you are now owned lock, stock and barrel by the Corpocracy. 

Don't have time to provide a full analysis right now, but the people of BC have spoken and this is what they have said:
  • We reject Adrian Dix as the leader of BC. He just did not resonate with a majority of voters. 
  • We reject the BC NDP in many areas of the province. 
  • We want more corporations to enjoy the spoils of our assets, our resources and we want to see more shadowy privatization and contracts we will never see. 
  • We do not care about child poverty, seniors conditions, or the most vulnerable in our society. 
  • We do not care that this government has been the most corrupt, incompetent and malicious in BC's history - we will elect them anyways over the NDP. Independent Vicki Huntington was re-elected in Delta South, making her the only one of three independent MLAs to hold on to her seat.

But Liberal leader loses her own riding of Vancouver-Point Grey to NDP candidate

The Liberals won 44.4 per cent of the popular vote and 50 Liberals were elected in the province's 85 ridings.

The NDP won 39.5 per cent of the popular vote, giving them 33 seats in the legislature, three seats less than they held before the election.

Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver won the first provincial seat for the party in the Vancouver Island riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head, but party leader Jane Sterk failed to win her seat in Victoria. Overall the Greens won eight per cent of the popular vote.

Independent Vicki Huntington was re-elected in Delta South, making her the only one of three independent MLAs to hold on to her seat.

"Tonight we have received a mandate from the people of British Columbia. And I say to the citizens of British Columbia: You have humbled us tonight with this opportunity and the tremendous obligation you've placed on our shoulders. Together we will make British Columbia better.

"British Columbians will always know what I stand for," said Clark, who stuck close to her campaign message of growing the economy, balancing the budget and creating a "debt-free B.C."

"Together we have succeeded in keeping B.C. on the right track … Our future has never been brighter."

No more Orwellian words have been spoken. 

See this News1130 page for a results breakdown by riding: 
BC election results page

P.S. And here I was looking forward to retiring this blog. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Predictions & Prognostications: May 14th is Finally Here!

Getting down to the wire, below are some of the predictions rolling in. I might as well get my predictions in too. 
  • NDP win a Majority
  • BC Liberals have Modest Returns
  • An Independent, or more
I would like to see some Independents elected, more than just one, if possible. Vicki Huntington and Bob Simpson getting in again would be a good thing for democracy in BC. Electoral politics really need to change in this province. We've got to grow up and look at other options beyond first past the post. I definitely lean toward more diverse representation than what our current electoral landscape looks like. 

As difficult as it is for me to believe this, after everything they've done, there are still a few BC Liberal strongholds that will secure them some seats. We'll have to see which ones as there are some real races in here. A few ridings that spring to mind to keep an eye on:

Abbotsford South - Will it be Darryl Plecas, or John van Dongen, whose rabid pit bull schtick once he was out of the BC Liberal stranglehold has been a joy to behold.

Cariboo North - Will Bob Simpson get in as an Independent (hope so!)?

Comox Valley - Will environmental concerns over coal get people voting NDP over Liberal?

Delta South - Go Vicki Huntington go! We need more (effective) Independents to add to the electoral flavour in BC.

Kamloops-North & South Thompson - Bellwether ridings. Could go either NDP, or Liberal. All I know is BC is a better place now that flaming @$$hole Kevin Krueger is no longer "representing" Kamloops-South. People in that riding should be happy too, he made a fool of you and I hope you remember when you're at the ballot box that your MLA represents YOU around the province. 

Langley - I would like to see John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives win and kick Mary Polak back to whatever wafflehut she used to work at. Problem is I don't really think that will happen. Cummins and his party have not shone in this election and frankly, it's hard to take him, or the party seriously at this point. 

Surrey-Fleetwood Longtime BC NDP Jagrup Brar MLA is facing off against Peter Fassbender, Mayor of the city of Langley,who is running for the BC Liberal banner in a riding he doesn't reside in.

Vancouver-Fairview - Photogenic former BCGEU president, George Heyman, should be able to to deliver a win. He will have some of the best campaigners behind him so getting out the NDP vote should be easily accomplished. 

Vancouver-False Creek - I beg of you people of False Creek, do not inflict the rest of the province with  Sam Sullivan, the former Vancouver mayor. Besides, you can't get better than Matt Toner, who is the kind of 21st century digital dude and businessman that we need in Victoria.

Vancouver-Fraserview - All I can say is so happy Kash Heed is gone. Although now he will likely insufferably find a voice in the media on policing issues. Maybe without some last minute dirty tricks political smear tactics Gabriel Yiu will win the riding on good old fashioned campaigning.

Vancouver-Langara - Popular George Chow, former city councilor and strong Chinese community leader is taking on Moira Stilwell, a BC Liberal MLA who has been languishing away from the lime light because she is probably a real threat to Clark's puerile leadership. 

Vancouver-Point Grey: Will David Eby kick Premier Christy Clark to the curb. If there is a merciful and just God he will (just kidding). But here's hoping the most excellent Mr. Eby wins! He is EXACTLY the kind of new/fresh (and smart) blood the people of BC need in Victoria. 

Vernon-Monashee - With a vote split in the riding, Mark Olson of the NDP might swing the vote his way. 

Victoria-Beacon Hill - Carole James has been a solid NDP MLA and there is no reason she shouldn't win this riding. However this is one to watch because it will be interesting to see how many votes Jane Sterk, leader of the Green Party gets. It is also interesting to note the last minute ads for the Green Party in this riding.

Tyee's BC Election 2013 Updated Riding Forecasts

We say NDP 57, Liberals 27, one indie. Bet against us?
By  Tyee Staff and Contributors, Today,        

Final polls released in the lead-up to the provincial election still have the NDP in lead, albeit a narrower lead than a month ago. Now, the NDP is expected to take about 43 per cent of the vote, and the Liberals about 37.

That makes updating The Tyee's riding forecast more difficult -- especially for the 10 ridings we deemed too close to call when we made our predictions back on April 22.

But we're going to bite the bullet and make those calls anyway, armed with the latest polling data as crunched by Angus Reid, Ipsos Reid, the insightful blog, and analysis from The Tyee's own in-depth coverage over the past weeks.

Our totals now add up to 57 seats for the NDP, 27 seats for the BC Liberals, and one seat for an independent. See how our forecasts break down by riding here.

B.C. NDP stays ahead as Liberals’ base erodes
Daniel Bitonti, May. 13 2013, The Globe and Mail.

The B.C. NDP holds a nine-point lead over the B.C. Liberals as voters head to the polls, according to a new Angus Reid survey conducted exclusively for CTV and The Globe and Mail.

The online poll surveyed 800 voters over the weekend, with the results released on Monday.

“I think what it shows more than anything is that there were a lot of people who made up their minds on how they were going to vote before this [the campaign] ultimately began,” said Mario Canseco, the vice-president of Angus Reid Public Opinion, noting that the difference between the two parties was the same as it was in a poll released last Friday.

Of the voters surveyed, 45 per cent said they intend to vote for an NDP candidate, while 36 per cent said they will vote for a Liberal. Nine per cent said they would vote for the Green Party candidate, while seven per cent said they would vote Conservative.

The first Angus Reid poll of the campaign had the Liberals trailing the NDP by 17 per cent. In early May, the Liberals narrowed it to within seven percentage points, only to see the NDP push their lead up again.

Mr. Canseco said the Liberals’ inability to retain voters who supported them in the last election has been the biggest factor plaguing the party. The latest poll shows that only 67 per cent of people who voted Liberal in 2009 plan to do so on Tuesday. The same poll shows that the NDP has retained 83 per cent of its voters.

“A third of their base is gone,” Mr. Canseco said of the Liberals. “This [weekend] was the chance they had to reconnect with the base. If there was an opportunity to connect, this was the moment to do so. … But there was probably too much baggage to deal with.”         

Monday, May 13, 2013

Chinese Corruption Investigation leads to BC Liberal party insiders

Remember some time ago the head of CSIS issued a dire and rather paranoid warning of "foreign influence."

"Two years ago, CSIS director Dick Fadden made headlines by openly speaking of provincial cabinet members and municipal politicians coming under foreign influence. Though Fadden was cagey about the alleged foreign interference, he broadly suggested that China posed concerns" (CBC News). 

                                 CBC National: CSIS director says foreign governments infiltrating local, provincial governments.

Beijing investigates high official tied to B.C. pulp mill fraud

One of China’s top officials is under investigation for corruption that includes an alleged bank fraud scheme tied to a long-shuttered pulp mill in northern British Columbia controlled by a businessman linked to several high-ranking members of the B.C. Liberal Party.

The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China is investigating Liu Tienan, the deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, for alleged “serious disciplinary violations.”

Mr. Liu ranks among the highest of officials caught up in a sweeping crackdown on corruption led by China’s new President Xi Jinping. The case has ties to a failed investment in the Skeena Cellulose Pulp Mill in Prince Rupert by Chinese businessman Ni Ritao.

The Globe and Mail has previously reported that B.C.’s former Jobs Minister, Pat Bell, forwarded an internal government e-mail discussing fraud allegations published in China against Mr. Ni, the Chinese businessman who purchased the mill. 

Mr. Bell passed the e-mail on to Bill Belsey, the vice-president of the B.C. Liberal Party, who also works for Mr. Ni and appears to have lobbied on behalf of the Chinese businessman and his company.

Mr. Belsey, a former MLA, is being investigated by a provincial watchdog for failing to register as a lobbyist. Mr. Bell is not running in the election.

Andrew Wilkinson, a former B.C. Liberal Party president and the party’s current candidate in the riding of Vancouver-Quilchena, was once the legal representative of a company controlled by Mr. Ni, whose broken promises regarding plans to restart the shuttered pulp mill in Prince Rupert have cost the city more than $3.5-million in legal and maintenance fees.

Mr. Wilkinson also had dealings with Sun Wave Forest Products, a company also controlled by Mr. Ni, when he served as deputy minister for the Ministry of Economic Development between 2003 and 2006, according to documents obtained by The Globe.

Mr. Liu is alleged to have helped arrange an attempted loan of more than $100-million to Mr. Ni by two Chinese banks. Mr. Ni allegedly claimed the funds would be used to buy the pulp mill in Prince Rupert, an asset that he had already purchased in 2005 for about $9-million. A forged appraisal report valuing the mill at $202-million (U.S.) was used to attempt to secure the loan. The Globe has obtained a copy of the apparently fraudulent document. The appraisal firm named in the document, American Appraisal Canada Inc., denies ever issuing the report.

Mr. Ni’s original investment in the pulp mill was made through a company called CGR Investments Inc., which was incorporated in 2003. CGR later became a subsidiary of Sun Wave, which completed the purchase of the mill. Mr. Liu’s wife, Guo Jinghua, was a director and 10-per-cent shareholder of CGR, according to documents obtained by The Globe. In 2005, her ownership stake in CGR was transferred to Liu Dechang, the son of Liu Tienan and Ms. Guo.

According to Elections BC, Sun Wave and CGR donated $14,696 to the B.C. Liberal Party or election candidates between 2005 and 2007.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils: BC Liberals Suck List: The Real Deal, No Spin

Here is the BC Liberals Suck List of how the BC Liberals have made life in BC so much harder, more expensive and less accountable over the last 12 years. In no particular order:

We all pay much more to live in BC now:
  • MSP monthly fees
  • BC Hydro
  • BC Gas
  • BC Ferries
  • Translink & transportation costs
  • Carbon tax (and the scandal of the Carbon Trust)
  • Food costs and cost of living
  • Rent, with fewer rights for tenants
Privatizations, Outsourcing & Privacy Rights:
  • Tearing up collective agreements, firing workers and bringing in cheaper labour in health care leads to increases in transmittable disease outbreaks at many licensed and public facilities. 
  • MSP data and information is outsourced and risks of privacy breaches continue. Question: How do we even know when they screw up? Answer: We don't. 
  • BC Hydro to Accenture (who has paid millions in fines in the US for mismanagement of data projects)
  • BC Gas sold, now it's Terasen Gas and taxpayers pay a private corporation for gas
  • P3 projects that include tolling on some routes, but not others
  • BC Identification card and Drivers Licenses with RFID technology that can track citizens in BC, Canada and the U.S. 
Fiscal Mismanagement & Incompetence
  • Spending millions in cost over-runs on the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre to have a leaky building.  
  • Spending millions in cost over-runs on replacing the roof at BC Place. 
  • The Port Mann, Gateway and other projects have poured $$$ into private companies while taxpayers are left holding the bag.
  • Cut the Therapeutic Initiatives program. 
  • Spent $16 million taxpayer funds on BC Liberal ads pre-election. 
  • Spent at least $11 million on the Times of India Awards show to court the "Ethnic" South Asian vote and has less than zero to show for it. 
Have destroyed the following:
  • Slashed and burned the Legal Aid and court system around BC. Justice has never been more difficult to access. 
  • Have completely mangled and politicized the BC Public Service Agency and public sector so that it is a culture of bullying, covering up scandals, corruption and incompetence, while competent people with integrity fled in droves leaving pond scum behind to fight each other over the spoils. 
  • Ministry of Attorney General in BC has spent millions in unknown and unreported legal fees fighting litigation from aggrieved parties. Does anyone even know how many lawsuits against the BC government were launched over the last 12 years and how much this has cost taxpayers?
Scandals, Incompetence and a Lack of Care for the Most Vulnerable among us:
  • BC Rail and the real estate that is gone and refusal to have an Inquiry into the whole mess. 
  • Secret, shadowy approval to spend $6 million in taxpayer funds so Basi & Virk wouldn't get on the stand and name names. The burning question for many, would one of those names be Christy Clark?
  • For 8 years in a row BC led Canada in child poverty (which is family poverty), (now #2 for the country) which means a generation of children in BC have grown up in deprivation. This will cost society billions in health, social and criminal justice costs. 
  • Income and disability assistance have never been harder to access leaving thousands of people, including children and families, around BC  living in deep poverty and homeless with no way to get out. 
  • BC's so-called child protection system in which children and youth have no-one to protect them from the very system that is supposed to stop them from being abused and neglected. 
  • Community Living BC - Devolved from the BC government to save money. Don't keep waitlists, don't know, or care, how many people really need services, don't know how many people are suffering. 
  • Thousands of homeless people in BC have died but the BC Liberal government made sure not to keep any real statistics on this, or issue any reports that analyze why so many have died. 
  • Shell games with seniors care beds and affordable housing dollars. 
  • BC's tattered and fragmented Health care system leaves many in pain, suffering and experiencing a much lower standard of care than a first world nation should experience. 
  • International human rights agencies, including the United Nations, have singled BC out for the numbers of women living in deep poverty, for the continuing mistreatment of Aboriginal girls and women and the failure to adequately investigate missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and women across BC. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

List Makers - Part 4: Martyn Brown lists many of the Clark-inspired Scandals & Fiascos of recent times