Thursday, June 02, 2016

BC Liberals Play Politics with Kids Education in BC

Horgan: “It’s an odd way to run a public education system”

Shane Woodford (May 31, 2016). CKNW.
The leader of the B.C. NDP says the B.C. Liberal government is blatantly trying to buy back votes with its recent education funding announcements.
“The classic example is taking with one hand and then giving it back just before the election.”
John Horgan says the 11th hour timing of today’s education announcement, giving back $25-million of the $54-million the province mandated school districts find, is a bit of a head-scratcher.

“Now all of the tough decisions have been made by school districts. They have gone through very difficult budget processes. They have declared certain schools are about to be closed and then the province comes at the 11th hour, and drops a little tiny bit of money in the bucket that won’t even come close to solving the problem. It is an odd way to run a public education system.”
He says the funding announcement is not about the kids, but rather politics for the Christy Clark government.
“You have got this giving back of money that just a week ago, just a week ago, the Minister of Education said was not going to happen is a true indication that the government is clearly having difficulty. They are blanketing the airwaves with feel good ads paid for by taxpayers, because their polls are telling them they are doing very very poorly.”
Horgan says it was also about bolstering the election chances for MLAs Coralee Oakes, Dan Ashton, and Linda Larson in Quesnel, Osoyoos, aand Penticton where the funding was announced simultaneously.

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