Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BC Hydro Gouges Us Even More

The BC Liberal appointed B.C. Utilities Commission gave permission for BC Hydro to implement a two-tier method of charging customers for use of electricity. We’re all going to get slammed with this in less than a month, right when our electrical use starts to increase.

BC Utilities Commission

On top of this, we’re heading into what seems sure to be a cold one with increased gas costs from Terasen Gas. And, as many are finding out, the BC Liberals carbon tax is put on every gigajoule of gas used.

“In essence, all Hydro customers get a base amount of electricity at a lower, fixed rate of about 6.15 cents per kilowatt hour. But they will pay about 15 per cent more per kilowatt hour for power consumption above the base amount.

People who use electricity for hot water and home heating are expected to see a significant jump in their monthly bills as a result of the new rate scheme.”

This change is attack on all of us, but specifically those citizens who rent their homes, or those who are poor are being penalized because these individuals and families don’t exactly have a choice in whether their hot water, or heating is powered by electricity, or any other way.

Are you getting the feeling that we don’t matter much to “the Powers that Be?” And we’re just sitting ducks for their greed? Can’t get blood from a stone and there’s lots of citizens feeling the pinch these days and we can’t take much more. Tell me why a Crown agency, BC Hydro, that made of $369 million in income for the 2007/08 fiscal year needs to start snatching more of our hard earned money?

More highlights of the 2008 Financial Report:

- Total domestic revenues were $2,944 million, $158 million higher than the previous year, primarily due to strong demand in the residential and commercial sectors.”

- Energy saved through Power Smart programs surpassed expectations and continued to deliver cost-effective energy over the last fiscal year, producing cumulative energy savings of 2,844 GWh, an increase of 326 GWh over Fiscal 2007. This increased saving is equivalent to powering 32,600 homes for a year.

Oh yah, executive compensation and bonuses for their Majesties, the BC Hydro Executive, who earned a combined $2,072,705 in the 2007/08 fiscal year, including very “healthy” incentive compensation.

BC Hydro and Power Authority (April 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008)


Oil and Gas Commission

The Oil & Gas Commission Executive has done well for themselves too

Hydro gets OK for two-tier power rates
Those who use more electricity face higher prices
Scott Simpson, Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, September 02, 2008

July 17, 2008

VANCOUVER – BC Hydro today announced its financial results for Fiscal 2008, including a consolidated net income of $369 million for the year ended March 31, 2008.

2008 Annual Report: Reporting on Triple Bottom Line Performance

BC Citizens for Public Power

Another little tidbit:

B.C. appoints special prosecutor to handle assault charge against minister's brother

Lindsay Kines, Times Colonist
Published: Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The province's Criminal Justice Branch has appointed a special prosecutor to handle the assault case against a Victoria police sergeant after learning that he is the brother of B.C. cabinet minister Ida Chong.

The branch of the Attorney General's Ministry stated in a news release Tuesday that it was unaware of the relationship when it approved one count of assault against Sgt. George Chong on Aug. 25. The charge relates to an off-duty incident in Victoria on June 22.

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