Saturday, July 18, 2009

Much More than E-mails Have Been Destroyed: Many have Lost Faith in Our Own Government

I find it almost quaint reading people's comments sometimes, as the veil is being lifted for them as to the inner workings of the most corrupt government in BC's history. I used to be naive like that too. I never knew that people destroyed government documents, that they would magically "disappear," that someone smart always keeps backups in a safe place. I never knew that people would order underlings to do things that weren't right, that in fact might harm people and the public interest. Pandora's box opened and many of us have seen the secrets and the Evils of the BC Liberal world, tried to do something about them, to bring them alive for those still innocent and believing that governments are there to serve their interests.

Since most of us are really decent people at heart, those kind of happenings and dealings come as a profound moral shock to one's ethical system. To those it doesn't in government, why they make prime candidates for promotion of course.

The context of government right now is quite fascinating in that "car crash on the highway" kind of thing. The whole shebang is being imploded, eroded and torn apart, ever so slowly. It starts with looking for "efficiencies," vacancies and what can be phased out and privatized. Every Ministry and governmental agency under orders to cut, slash, layoff who they can. Civil servants better get ready to start bringing in their own supplies for work.

Baby birds (city and municipalities) waiting for September's new budget to see what senior levels of government will be feeding their malnourished cities to deal with the increasing poverty, homelessness, public disorder and unemployment rates that are being created by those same senior levels.

Critical mass has yet to be reached, but it's coming and inevitable. You just can't have that many amoral, incompetent and stupid people running this monolithic and unsustainable ship without hitting an Iceberg. Batten down the hatches folks, grab your life preserver, we're in for the bumpiest of rides.

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Destroying E-Mails Part of a Plan?

Harvey Oberfeld. Keeping it Real. July 17th, 2009

BC Liberals Suck . July 18, 2009

Being one of those bloggers “real journalists” often like to dis and bash, I’ve developed a thick skin about it all. I know of where the ire comes - corporate media flunkies and hacks write and comment on and influence public opinion on what their corporate masters want.

There is no diversity (is MSM unaware of people of colour?), little effort to really get into the nitty gritty of the issues, to serve in the tradition of what someone like Harvey represents, the better days of journalism.

I agree there is a lot of crap out there on the Net too, I’ve probably put some out myself, but my readership numbers tell me that people are hungry for other opinions and perspectives on the issues of concern to citizens in BC. That’s also a source of angst and consternation to the dying media empires of old. Newsflash - getting corporates hacks to blog too isn’t gonna save ya’, because they’re saying a lot of the same irrelevant, self-serving stuff they do in print.

As a “citizen journalist” I am my own editor. I write about what I want, when I want, how I want. My creativity, outrage and desire for social justice and human rights in BC can be channeled into blogging.

I’m quite sure the BC government would love to sue me. If they do, it will be one of biggest mistakes of their collective lives. Because I am one of those people who knows where many skeletons and bodies lie.

I blog because I believe in BC, what it used to stand for and what it SHOULD stand for. This administration is so far beyond corruption most of us cannot conceive of what they are all about. But we are living it and I believe that evil is being done to us and our future generations and people need to know about it. Because in many ways, with shining exceptions, we can no longer count on the mainstream media to do it’s job - to tell the truth, to inform us, to help hold those who govern us responsible and accountable for their service to us - the people of BC.

BTW, Harvey, you must know this by now, those who go out on the limb, poke the beast in the eye and tell the truth are rarely rewarded in the ways they deserve to be. There are costs, but also other rewards for being a truthteller.

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