Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BC Liberals Seniors Tax (BCLST)

Did you hear the one about the government that decided to put a tax on being a Senior?

It hasn't been enough to keep the most children in Canada living in poverty for the last six years.

To drive an epidemic of homelessness and poverty that they are now rapidly trying to clean up.

Or to drive chaos, bankrupt and dismantle our provincial Health Care and child welfare systems.

Draining away BC Hydro, carving and slicing away Crown and Agricultural lands.

Bringing in the HST (Hey Suckers Tax) to drain our wallets.

Cutting money from programs for abused kids, the disabled, addictions and mental health and from the Special Olympics!

No, they could add to that morally adrift administration and governance. In their infinite wisdom they're now bringing in the Senior Tax (ST).

Because, you know, those damn seniors just have too much income.
And if a buck can be made off of 'em, dammit, that just makes sense and must be good public policy. At least in the Machiavellian BC Liberal government. Sinking to levels we haven't even seen the depths of yet. Just wait until after the Big Party.

Babies, that's it. We are not taxing babies, pets or the dead. The possibilities are apparently endless to the BC Liberal government.
Look for more Stupid and Amoral taxes coming to you from the BC Liberals in 2010! You'll be on the edge of your seat! You will laugh, but mostly cry!


B.C. care-home fee rise sparks concern Video
CBC News

Most B.C. seniors will have to pay more to live in a care home in the new year and many might not be able to afford it, according to the provincial NDP.

The province is raising care-home fees eight per cent in the new year and 10 per cent the next year.

The change — affecting 75 per cent of seniors living in care homes — will bring in an additional $54 million, the province says. The revenue is to be used to improve services for seniors.

Health Minister Kevin Falcon denied seniors will face hardship as a result of the fee increases.

Falcon said all drug costs in residential homes are covered by the government, and all seniors will be able to keep a minimum of $275 a month for personal needs under the new rate structure.


Ombudsperson releases first report on care of seniors


Are they insane, stupid, morally bankrupt? All of the above?

Are these Pod people?

Hatched from eggs of some cold-blooded creatures?

Do they not have parents, or loved ones who will now be seeing their dwindling funds being taxed by the very government most have paid into the coffers of for decades?

I just don't get how they don't say to themselves, no, this just goes too far. It will hurt too many. Are BC Liberal MLA's, flunkies and supporters incapable of accessing the kind of humanity this takes at this point in time? It appears to be the case and that is just so damn scary.

Complaints about seniors' care prompt probe by B.C. ombudsman

B.C.'s ombudsman has launched a widespread investigation into the quality of care for senior citizens in the province, prompted by the more than 50 complaints her office received this summer about seniors' care facilities and services across B.C.

Kim Carter said Thursday the complaints include neglect in care facilities, the separation of spouses, accessibility of services and the closure of some facilities.

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