Thursday, May 31, 2012

Those Nasty BC Liberals: Democracy, pffft, Who Needs It?

There will only be one more session in the fall. The campaigning is going to be starting to ramp up in what will be the last election in which the BC Liberals have a majority and death grip on B.C.
Word: Spencer Chandra Herbert (Spencer Herbert):
Christy Clark, and her BC Liberal government have decided that changing laws which affect your employment, your health, your privacy, your transportation, your finances, and your environment only needs to take 30 minutes of debate per bill all in a mad rush to close down the legislature today and avoid any real scrutiny. It's bad government full stop. A change in government can't come soon enough.  
With session ending Thursday, B.C. Liberals cut short debates on legislation
The Liberal government used its majority to cut short debate on 13 pieces of legislation, in an attempt to pass them all into law by the time the legislature adjourns for summer break Thursday. Most will get between 30 and 60 minutes of debate by MLAs before a snap vote is called by the Liberal majority.
Video: Premier Clark defends BC hydro rate increase
She keeps spinning that they were asking for a 50% increase, when it was only 32% and other inaccuracies too.What this means is she and her media people think all of us are simpletons and they can confuse us with sophistry. Can you smell the desperation? It smells like a party in its' death throws.
BC’s Top Investigative Reporter Bob Mackin Pulls Back the Curtain on Liquor Distribution: What Were Minister Rich Coleman and His Good Friend and Political Confidante Patrick Kinsella Talking About?
In obtaining an internal memo, Business In Vancouver columnist Bob Mackin has peeled back the curtain on the machinations by one particular bidder–a bidder represented by Premier Chirsty Clark’s rainmaker, Pat Kinsella.

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