Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BC Liberals Dirty Deals to their own Party Faithful

If this is what Christy Clark's "inner circle" does their own faithful party members how does the public have a chance in hell? 

Anyone who is involved in politics knows you would be hard pressed to find more loyal, faithful and hardworking party members than local riding association people.

Now there is also a dark cloud over Plecas' who involvement in the next election. Some questions need to be asked about his knowledge of all of this too. Is this the way he really wants to begin his foray into politics. 

Anyone who lays down with BC Liberals ought to keep in mind the old saying "you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas." It's happened time and time again. Obviously people like Plecas haven't noticed.


Liberal riding association for Abbotsford-South resigns over Plecas nod
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The recent nomination of the BC Liberals' candidate in Abbotsford-South has drawn the ire of the riding association.

The entire board of directors has resigned, saying Darryl Plecas' nomination was made without their input.

Past-president Stephen Evans says the board had another candidate lined up, Abbotsford city councillor Moe Gill, but the Liberal Party’s committee passed him by, and Plecas was acclaimed.

"I’m deeply disappointed in the leadership of the party. And that's why I and the riding association have resigned. Whether we keep our membership or not, that's still in question."

Evans claims if the party would not put Plecas up to a standard nomination process, then how can party members expect him to stand up against the riding's MLA, John van Dongen, next spring?

Plecas says he is surprised by the situation, "I was under the understanding that I was the only person who got their papers in and that Mo Gill was running in Abbotsford-Mission."

Furthermore, Plecas says none of the board members have spoken with him. He says he is confident the resignations will not affect his formal acclimation Thursday night.

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