Saturday, July 09, 2005

Peace and Solace to Chuck Cadman & his family

Independent MP Chuck Cadman dies of cancer News Staff

Independent MP Chuck Cadman died Saturday at home in
Surrey, B.C. after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 57.

Cadman had been receiving chemotherapy for melanoma,
and made headlines this year as he flew to Ottawa to cast
one crucial vote that helped avert a spring election.
Independent MP Cadman dies
CBC News, (09 Jul 2005).

Independent MP Chuck Cadman, who cast the deciding vote
that let Paul Martin's minority Liberal government survive
a confidence motion in May, has died of skin cancer.

MP Cadman helped remind the public that there are some
decent, ethical and principled people still involved in politics.
Canadians should mourn his loss and we're in his debt for
his self-less participation in a vote that helped save this
country when he was in the midst of his own very personal
and important fight against cancer. I think of MP Cadman
as a mentor, someone to be respected and looked up to in
this wacky world of politics.

Blessings and peace to him, his family and friends. He will be
missed. The world is a better place for his time and work here.
Thank you.

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