Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorism: A Consequence, or part of the Globalization Agenda?

Four bombs in 50 minutes - Britain suffers its
worst-ever terror attack

Hugh Muir and Rosie Cowan
Friday July 8, 2005
The Guardian

Summit thrown into confusion

Blair's departure forces changes to programme

Ewen MacAskill
Friday July 8, 2005
The Guardian

The G8 leaders' meeting at Gleneagles, Perthshire was disrupted
yesterday by the attacks in London.

Ex-Mossad Chief Calls For World War After
London Attack:

Rules of conflict for a world war

By Efraim Halevi

07/07/05 "The Jerusalem Post"
- - The multiple,
simultaneous explosions that took place today on the
London transportation system were the work of perp-
etrators who had an operational capacity of considerable
scope. They have come a long way since the two attacks
of the year 1998 against the American embassies in
Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salaam, and the aircraft actions of
September 11, 2001.

We are in the throes of a world war, raging over the entire
globe and characterized by the absence of lines of conflict
and an easily identifiable enemy. There are sometimes long
pauses between one attack and another, consequently
creating the wrong impression that the battle is all over,
or at least in the process of being won.

Generally speaking, the populations at large are not involved
in the conflict, and by and large play the role of bystanders.
But once in a while, these innocents are caught up in the
maelstrom and suffer the most cruel and wicked of punish-
ments meted out by those who are not bound by any rules
of conduct or any norms of structured society. For a while,
too short a while, we are engrossed with the sheer horror
of what we see and hear, but, with the passage of time,
our memories fade and we return to our daily lives, forget-
ting that the war is still raging out there and more strikes
are sure to follow.
I like the style and flow of this author and some of his points.
However I don't agree with his "requirement that each and
every country effectively declare itself at war with inter-
national Islamist terror" because this bias fails to also include
some of the reasons why terrorism is being taken to such
extreme levels.

I also honestly believe this world doesn't need more
war. Parents don't need to lose more children to violence.
Lawless and greedy transnational corporations don't need
more opportunities to push war so they can steal the oil
and hand out the reparation contracts to their buddies to
rebuild the nations they've destroyed.

When Corporations Rule the World

"... the establishment can't admit [that] it is human rights
violations that make ... countries attractive to business --
so history has to be fudged, including denial of our
support of regimes of terror and the practices that provide
favorable climates of investment, and our destabilization
of democracies that [don't] meet [the] standard of service
to the transnational corporation..."

Edward Herman, economist and media analyst

Israel Warned United Kingdom About Possible Attacks

07/07/05 "Stratfor Consulting Intelligence Agency"


There has been massive confusion over a denial made
by the Israelis that the Scotland Yard had warned the
Israeli Embassy in London of possible terrorist attacks
“minutes before” the first bomb went off July 7. Israel
warned London of the attacks a “couple of days ago,”
but British authorities failed to respond accordingly to
deter the attacks, according to an unconfirmed rumor
circulating in intelligence circles. While Israel is keeping
quiet for the time-being, British Prime Minister Tony
Blair soon will be facing the heat for his failure to take
" What we have is not a market economy. It is a corporately
planned and controlled economy. "

" We have a world in which a handful of corporations,
dettached from any link to any place or community,
have extended their power beyond the reach of most
governments. "

David Korten, economist and internationalist
Special Report - G8. The Guardian.

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