Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blind Leading the Dumb: The Liberals "Go Fish" as they Shuffle the Deck

Cabinet shuffle to set up B.C. Liberals for election
Attorney General Wally Oppal confirms he will run again


Have to agree with the comments so far, I don't think a cabinet shuffle is going to solve the gaping holes in talent, intelligence and competency left in Campbell's sinking ship. You can tell that from all the fleeing parties. I think many people finally get it, the Liberals truly are the worst managers of the province and quite likely the most (allegedly) corrupt government that has been seen in BC and perhaps even Canada. One need only review the boodoggle and farce that the BC Rail/Legislature raid has become, directly influenced by the Premier's office. We don't even know how much this (and all the other lawsuits) are costing BC tax payers.

Putting aside partisan politics, a government, to be found credible by it's citizens, must demonstrate fiscal, moral and ethical management of the funds and governance of government. With simply a brief analysis, it is easy to see how the Liberals have failed all of us. Any CEO that would sell off an organization's most important resources, slash and cut crucial operating funds, staff and subject its' employees to non-stop organizational chaos and crisis and award billions in contracts to friends and insiders (who take the $$$ out of the country) and then sit by idly while they fail to meet deadlines, wracking up even more debt for the company would not last very long. I think it is really clear that if Campbell was a CEO of a private sector company, he would have been fired long ago, as would most of his cronies, er caucas.

Now, solutions. I agree the NDP might not be a strong option for some, in many respects they and their backroom leaders aren't all that different from the Liberals. So, here is a revolutionary idea for the election in May 2009. We propose that citizens vote for .... the BEST CANDIDATE in their riding, no matter what party they are in. The one who actually has a _real_ record of community involvement and successful advocacy. People with real live experience in business, in non-profit sectors, people who are real leaders in their communities and who know how to do something besides politic and BS. It is the common sense revolution. It may be idealistic, but it might actually work. And, let your incumbent, or new candidates know, that if they fail to deliver and prove themselves to voters (ie. play possum as part of a caucas), they will never set foot in politics again, EVER.

We encourage citizens to host all candidate meetings in their ridings. And, ensure people in the community have a chance to come out & hear what their candidates have to say. If candidates refuse to attend, that will be helpful too, helpful to eliminate contenders you know won't be there for voters.

Perfect example of what we're talking about, spin, spin and more abject crap from the Liberals:

Minister expects turnaround

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) 6/23/2008

BC's Forest Minister says analysts have told him the forest industry in the Province has hit rock bottom. But those same analysts paint a rosy picture in the not-too-distant future. Rich Coleman says market conditions can't get much worse. But he says he's also been assured there's a dramatic turnaround ahead.

That could come in 18 to 24 months as he expects lumber prices to rebound after significant cuts in production and numerous mill shutdowns and closures, "The challenge will be to make sure they've got the workforce. because there's so many other jobs out there, the forest worker that thinks he's going to be laid off for more than 2 or 3 months is starting to gravitate to other industries."

Coleman making the comments despite first saying there could be as few as 700-thousand housing starts in the United States next year, compared to 2.1-million last year.

Geeze, we sure wish we had Coleman's crystal ball. Clearly this is ass-covering at its best. Coleman is taking hits from everyone over the abject failure of the government to do a damn thing about forestry. We have friends whose families depend on jobs in forestry. This is offensive tripe and spin coming from the Liberals. Over 20,000 workers are losing their jobs, in the forests, in closed down mills etc.

Newsflash Sylvia Brown, er Coleman:

Workers have children to feed and mortgages to pay, of course they are moving away from forestry into other jobs and taking their hard earned tax dollars to other provinces and territories where they can actually find work. That's what real people do when the going gets tough and their government fails them.

What real action is the Liberal government taking to help those workers/citizens/families?

And, to add insult to injury, dare we ask how Coleman's brothers are making out with their tree farm licenses? I bet they aren't out of work yet, or all the other "fortunate" Liberal insiders and American corporations.

Now, I guess the question of the hour is, which Ministry is going to be plagued by Mr. Coleman next? We only have a few hours left to find out.

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