Sunday, June 01, 2008

How much does a party have to Suck before they are Thrown Out? BC Liberals want to test us all

It really is not being melodramatic to say that the BC Liberals are quickly reaching critical mass in how much they suck. I’m trying to think of clever metaphors, but it’s all just too absurd. So, here, in no particular order are some of the asinine and offensive things that they’ve done, or been involved with over the last while:

- Since December 2003, 4 years ago (!!!!) when the Legislature was raided by the RCMP and we all got to see OUR HOUSE and the offices of elected officials, peons and perhaps some might say alleged “co-conspirators” we are no further ahead in receiving justice and a complete explanation of what happened. It is no mistake to say this alleged case involving allegations of drug trafficking, influence peddling, bribes and a whole lot of other nastiness has been hijacked by the BC Liberals. It is a travesty of injustice and a slap in the face to every citizen in BC.

- Talking about slaps in faces, the “majority” just used their power to push through numerous bills, with no debate. The most controversial actually bans political messages and advertising in the lead up to the election AND, worthy of a complaint to the United Nations, legislates the full exclusion of poor people, the homeless and those with no identification from voting in their own province.

Bill 42, the Election Amendment Act.

I think Corky Evans, NDP MLA speaks eloquently to these tactics:

"We're not even going to get to talk any more, so exactly what is it I'm doing to earn my wages?" Corky Evans, the member for Nelson-Creston, asked reporters. "Why do we keep this building? Why don't we just have a king? I don't get that.…

"I hope it's offensive to the 20,000 people who sent me here. I hope it's offensive to everybody, because we had had wars so that Parliament would exist. Even if you think what happens in there is dumb, at least it has to happen."

- Ken Dobell, Gordon Campbell’s right hand man has had his fingers in all of the pies. He is up to his eyeballs in all of the dreck and nothing is sticking to him. He keeps taking wheelbarrows full of taxpayer money while working with his little cabal to sell BC out, and off, piece by piece to the boys down South and to those who so enjoy their offshore companies.

- Those last bits segue way perfectly into the next bit: What the Hell is Wrong with our Court System? Mr. Oppal, you are turning into a trained dancing monkey (no, that’s not a racist comment). You have been a respected jurist and member of the Bar. Under your watch,
the BC justice system is becoming anything but just and a shocking indictment of how political influence can unduly affect BC citizens rights and interests in justice. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and we all deserve better.

- Crown prosecutors must be and are accountable to the citizens of BC. They are not above the law, not above testifying at inquiries and not above civil responsibility in carrying out their duties as representatives of the Crown and officers of the court. Period. End of debate.
The fact that the BC government is spending tax payer dollars to fight appearing before the Frank Paul inquiry and the Oak Bay inquest is a gross abuse of process and taxpayer money. In this province social workers and other employees in the Ministry of Children and Family Development are expected to be accountable and participate openly in their decision-making in child welfare cases. These employees of the Crown are not exempted from accountability, culpability and most who appear in front of inquiries and not only are they not shielded, or protected by their leaders, they are most often scapegoated and hung out to dry. Why the disparity? Why should Crown prosecutors in deciding on bail conditions, charge assessments and recommendations be any less responsible for the tragedies that occur through their decision-making?

Inquiry targets prosecutors' role at inquest

Making prosecutors testify hurts justice system: lawyer

- And ICBC, where do we even start? Paul Taylor is a good place I guess. Another friend of the BC Liberals, handpicked for CEO at ICBC. He had no idea managers and a whole lot of other folks were fixing deals to get written-off vehicles, using shops for paint jobs for personal vehicles, selling off write-off vehicles to an unsuspecting public. Just when the heat comes down, Mr. Taylor books it, what a coincidence. Yah right. There are more than 5 different investigations going on about ICBC over the last few years, criminal and otherwise. This is worthy of it's own website, similar to BC Mary's Legislature raids. Whistleblowers BC has written some stuff about the ICBC scandal on their blog.

One thing that is for sure is that all of the corruption, disgust and dirt, citizen journalism is having an explosion and hitting paydirt in BC. There is more of the inside scoop going down on the Net than anywhere else and that is of benefit to all of us.

Review finds no misconduct by former BC deputy minister

Head of ICBC quits amid car sale scandal


Well, this is a start, there’s so much more, we’ll add on more as time allows.

We need to start thinking about all of this, May 2009 is fast approaching. People need to get interested, galvanized and start paying attention to our political plight. It isn’t enough to just bow out in apathy talking about how ALL politicians suck and are corrupt.

I’m suggesting the theme for the next election is quite ordinary, quite simple, and even idealistically naïve. HOW ABOUT…..


The party they come from matters much, much less than what their track record for public service is, what kind of impression they've made personally and professionally.

  • What have they done to make their community and the world a better place?
  • What evidence is there to prove they have a track record of good work?
  • Do they have a history of screwing people over, backstabbing, or other political nastiness?
  • How about their business practices and conduct elsewhere? Any questionable land deals lurking anywhere? Numbered companies? Shells that need to be picked up to see what scurries out?
  • Do they have a broad perspective and commitment to the interests and wellbeing of diverse citizens in the community?

If you want to make a real difference next election, start planning how you will personally influence the outcome. Will you work with others to put an All Candidates Debate together? Campaign for someone, for the right reasons. Start your own blog in your area? A newletter, letters to the editor? Letters to your incumbent? More ideas to come.

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