Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He Worked Hard for the $$$, Our money.

How much more of these clowns, parasites and pimp daddies do we need to suffer? My god, what does it take, I guess an ELECTION. We can hold the Inquiry and Audit after they're gone. We're going to need to do that to find out where all of our MONEY has gone.

The premier spoke and nobody heard

Sean Holman, Public Eye Online. March 11, 2009

Yesterday, Attorney General Wally Oppal and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Kevin Falcon refused to say what services British Columbia Railway Co. was paying for when it transferred $297,567 between 2002 and 2005 to former provincial Liberal co-chair Patrick Kinsella's companies. Nor did Premier Gordon Campbell answer questions posed to him in the legislature about those payments. Nevertheless, when scrummed by reporters today, Premier Campbell said he had responded to those inquiries. But, if that's the case, we're unaware in which venue that occurred. The following is a recording of that scrum.

"Campbell: I think I've already answered those questions."

BC Rail paid firms of Liberal campaign co-chair for services

Paul Willcocks, Paying Attention. March 11, 2009.

The New Democrats asked about questions yesterday about $297,000 in payments from B.C. Rail to the consulting firms of Patrick Kinsella, the Liberals' campaign co-chair in 2001 and 2005.

BC Mary said...
Raid on the Legislature

Today I found a verbatum comment by Campbell at the time of the raids on the Legislature [Binder #8 page 3]. He said: "I heard that it had to do potentially with money laundering and drugs. That's the extent of it ..."

And yet, there's been another scramble by "trusted journalists" to scoff at the notion of organized crime being involved, too.

The RailGate 8000.....Counselling The Mayors


By way of example, when Lillooet mayor Greg Kamenka wrote to Mr. Campbell on August 13, 2003 (see pg 277 of Binder #8) informing him that the Council of the District of Lillooet had:
RESOLVED (THAT): The Government of British Columbia stop the sale or lease of BC Rail until such time that the Government has completed a forensic audit of BC Rail and a socio-economic study on the effect of the proposed sale or lease on communities along the line"

(AND FURTHER RESOLVED): That the Mayor's Council approve the Terms of Reference for the socio-economic study and this information be put before the public for open discussion."

(red bolding Gazetteer)

Mr. Campbell responded on Sept 02, 2003 (see pg 278 of Binder #8) that:
"As I have said previously, British Columbia needs an integrated, top-quality rail service to meet the needs of communities in the Interior, North and the rest of British Columbia, and we are committed to working with the northern communities to ensure that BC Rail remains an important asset in the future economic development of our province.


The 2010 Olympic Cluster F$#^ of all Cluster F%^#$:

Olympic transportation plan draws widespread criticism Video: Kirk Williams reports: Road plan for 2010 Olympics foresees major traffic disruptions

Hell On Wheels

CBC News

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