Sunday, June 07, 2009

BC Liberals Win Child Poverty Record 6 Years in a Row

Is this really what we all hoped and dreamed for on behalf of BC's children? I can only assume it is, since so few people actually cared enough to bother to get out and vote on this issue - child poverty and deprivation, and so many others that are relevant to our province's social health & well-being.

First Call: BC Child & Youth Advocacy Coalition

Press Release: Child Poverty Rate Drops Significantly, But BC Still Worst of Any Province

I've begun posting comments I make on "journalist" websites because interestingly enough, my comments are often being censored and not posted by these "professional" writers.

Comments from:

B.C. worst for child poverty for sixth year

Paul Willcocks, Paying Attention. June 05, 2009.

I have to agree with Anonymous 7:27 AM above and maybe even go one step further. After ensuring a third BC Liberal majority, either by voting for them, or not voting at all, we can only be left with the reality that a majority of BC's citizens approve of and encourage the poverty of a generation of BC's children. This will come home to roost on all of us.

I know I've done my part to get the word out about this government's harm to our children & youth. I've taken direct action to raise awareness of the deprivation and how the Campbell government for the last 6 years has ensured, through their social policy decisions, that thousands of children in BC have been deprived of the necessities of life. That is not just a violation of the many human rights Conventions Canada has signed, but also a Criminal Code of Canada offense.

The heart of a government can be seen in how it treats it's most vulnerable - it's children, it's seniors, it's disabled. That BC Liberal heart is stone cold and a dead, blacked lump. And it can only be said that this is true for those who voted to continue a legacy of poverty and deprivation for our own people, those who needed the rest of us to speak for them and their needs.

Ye shall reap, what ye have sown, while our children suffer each and every day. We should be ashamed of ourselves in BC. But it's not too late, all of us could make a difference in our communities if we cared enough to do so.

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