Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ye Shall Reap, What Ye Shall Sow: BC Liberal Karma Will be Sown Upon Us All

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Public Eye Online, May 26 2009.

The former Honourable Wally Oppal, Minister of Attorney General is reaping what he has sown. He remembered he lived in Delta South about five minutes before the election. He didn't do much, if anything for those he now purported to Represent when his government was forcing power lines through citizens backyards(many of whom _were_ probably Liberal voters), making plans for dramatically increasing pollution and containers...

But this was really crass politics at their bloodsporty best and the blame goes squarely to the BC Liberals. It was a little "friendly fire" that took the questionable Mr. Oppal out of the game (if the count is upheld after the judicial review). They needed to make room for Kash Heed in the riding, so out with the old, in with the new. Let's try StoneWally over here, he's served his purpose explaining the dirty deeds away in front of the cameras & in the Legislature, he was a bit tainted too at that point, so it wouldn't be a huge loss if he happened to lose. Heed will make a fine new Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, eh?

It's too far along now to be stopped, that's why some of us were fighting the good fight for our province, for our future, for everything... and then they won again, when people really didn't understand what they were planning to do to us and our fair Province.

This is what NeoCons do, they cut everything to the bone, they give it all away to those with the highest paid lobbyists, their insider friends.

In government they are already starting the bloodletting, they aren't replacing the people who are leaving, jobs sitting empty can be cut so much easier and hey, NO PINK SLIP. You know all of those criminals runnin' around offing each other & a few bystanders and wannabes, guess what, your friendly BC Liberal government isn't making sure that there are enough probation officers to be keeping an eye on all of those gangsta's, rapists, pedophiles and the other garden variety criminals runnin' around GC's province. Do people really think it's a coincidence that crime has been allowed to flourish unchecked in BC?

How about al of those abused kids, there's fewer and fewer people watching out for them. Will BC win the Child Poverty Award for it's 6th year running? What do people think happens when BC's children aren't taken care of? Or how about the homeless? Isn't anyone concerned, or even noticing the pattern of massive social dislocation that is occuring and continuing to roll out in BC? More and more of us are being left behind. Rising welfare rates, increasing EI rates, higher job losses. Isn't a valid question to ask WHAT THE HELL our government is doing to start bolstering up BC's doomed socio-economic foundation?

Campbell Must Halt Disastrous Cut Plans
Dave Obee, Times Colonist. May 26, 2009.

Senior provincial managers have been working for months on plans to gut the government. What's being proposed would make the 2001 core services review look like a walk in the park and go well beyond the austerity program of the early 1980s.

The budget was optimistic. There was no wiggle room and it called for $250 million in cuts to come later. Since then, the drop in provincial revenue has been far more severe than forecast and there is no end in sight.

How bad might it be? Unless the government increases taxes or slashes programs, the deficit could be more than $1 billion.

Besides, we were told after the core services review that the fat had been trimmed. If that was true, there is nothing left to hack. [Ed: Nothing except useless senior bureaucrats and lots of managers who produce nothing of any value].

To make matters worse, some of the money saved by these proposed cuts would go to the Olympics and to so-called stimulus packages, devoted to building roads and bridges and so on. These packages would provide temporary work. For that, we would end permanent jobs and tear down vital social infrastructure. That idea borders on insanity.

There are times when the prudent course is to borrow money. This is one of those times -- and money is cheap right now.

When Campbell assembles his new cabinet, his first order of business should be to discard the scorched-earth recommendations.

Admitting a mistake is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. And Campbell must know that the social fabric of the province matters more than an arbitrary limit on the size of the deficit.

That does not mean that some staff should not be purged.

Campbell should start with the pathetic souls who are so eager to please the premier that they would rather toss British Columbia into the dumpster than allow him to hear the truth.

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