Friday, December 28, 2012

Words of Wisdom from Premier Clark

This story still has legs, as they say, hahaha. But then, it's a really slow news week.

Thousands and thousands of taxpayer funds are going into special media handlers for our illustrious leader & BC government media spies (yes, I see you) and this is the best we get. Really? 

Women who make the decision to go into politics are a tough bunch. And yes, women face double standards in virtually every setting still. It's what makes women the stronger sex by a long shot, because they have to fight harder to achieve anything.

What is missing in the critiques are a Premier who simply comes across in a really stupid, self-serving way much of the time she's in front of a microphone, or camera. As the audio clip demonstrated, her vanity got the better of her, but she did display a sense of humour. And if people don't think male politicians get ambushed sometimes, they haven't listened to other radio shows, like 99.3 CFOX's Jeff O'Neill show, which routinely takes the piss with people from all walks of life. Check out audio clip of her stint on O'Neill & gang's show here.

I'll actually give Premier Clark a thumbs up on this one. She rolled with the joke and moved on and didn't get all self-righteous about it. Let's face it - she was right. It is better to be a MILF than a cougar! Am I right, ladies? hahahaha
by Miranda Nelson on Dec 28, 2012, Georgia Straight. 

In an interview with  98.9 JetFM in Courtenay, B.C., morning host Drex asked the premier "what it’s like being a MILF?", ostensibly on behalf of a caller.

However, instead of getting offended at the incredibly sexist question, Ms. Clark just laughed. And then answered the question.

"You know, I take that as a compliment … you know, it’s one of those things. Better a MILF than a cougar … so tell [the caller] I said thank you."

Really, Premier Clark? I know you're not a great advocate for families or children or, well, anything else, but can't you at least advocate for yourself? The only acceptable answer to a question like that is, "That's inappropriate" or "You got the premier of the province on your radio show and all you can do is reduce her to a sexual object?"


MILF or cougar: A premier shouldn’t have to choose, so why did she do so publicly on the radio?

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