Saturday, January 05, 2013

Game On! Countdown to the Election

Had a nice break over the holidays and now I'm back in the saddle to bash the BC Liberals all to hell until May when we say goodbye to a whole bunch of 'em! Can't wait and there are a helluva lot of us out there who feel that way too, so lets all jump into the fray and help sending them packing in our own little and big ways. 

Battleground BC MLA Bruce Ralston : News : SunNews Video Gallery

Sun News, January 4, 2013.

BC MLA and NDP Finance Critic Bruce Ralston joins David Akin to discuss Premier Christy Clark's handling of the economy.

The BC government's "jobs plan" and record on the labour market is just shredded in this video. Well, not really, the truth is being told to voters for a change.

They report that the labour participation rate has dropped by almost 6000 because people have become so discouraged trying to find employment in BC. I know of a number of people in that boat, as well as people who've left BC to find work. 

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