Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sorry to see you go Larry - Vancouver City Hall News

Larry Campbell calls it quits
CBC News, (June 30, 2005).

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell says he won't run
for re-election this fall, calling himself an "accidental
politician." He made the announcement at a news
conference at city hall on Thursday morning.

Campbell says he just isn't a politician, and people
who expected a politician as mayor, didn't get one.
And he says he also made a mistake in overestimating
his own leadership abilities, and thinking he could pull
together the broad coalition that made up the original
COPE council caucus.

He also says it was no secret that he didn't like sitting
through long council meetings But he says he has
accomplished what he set out to do with the establish-
ment of the safe injection site, with the redevelopment
of Woodward's, the RAV rapid-transit line approval
and the referendum on the 2010 Olympics.
Mayor Larry Rides Into Sunset
CKNW, (June 30, 2005).

VANCOUVER(CKNWAM980) - Vancouver Mayor
Larry Campbell will not seek re-election this fall.

The former Provincial Coroner announced today he
won't run again. Health concerns and the widening rift
with COPE, the civic party under which he ran in 2002,
have been cited by observers, but today he simply
stated that he is "not a politician".

At the same time, Campbell noted he's accomplished
a lot over the past three years, including instituting the
"Four Pillars" anti-drug strategy, the Olympics plebiscite
and the start of the Woodwards' property re-development
on the Downtown East Side.

Campbell predicts Jim Green will be the next mayor
of Vancouver.

And as for his own future? "I've applied to be a greeter
at Wal-Mart".

Well, I guess that's it then. I guess the death of the Walmart
and Canadian Tire projects were the straw that broke the
Campbell's back. His response to future job is an example
of why I thought a lot for Larry. Hmm, wonder if there will
be a nice summer break and we'll here about Larry in the
fall as a Federal Liberal candidate. Some summer chill out
time will go a long way towards lowering the heart pressure
in time for another go around.

Why are my hackles raised about Jim Green being in the
mayor's chair? It makes the most sense, they need someone
who has a name. I can't see anyone else on council filling that
seat. And Green's fingers are in the biggest, most important
pies. Still doesn't feel right. The COPE AGM should be
June 23, 2005

General Membership Meeting

A General Meeting of COPE members will be held at
7 pm on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at the WISE Hall,
at 1882 Adanac St, Vancouver BC.

Agenda for the meeting:

• Report on Negotiations with the Friends of Larry Campbell;

• Election to fill vacancy on COPE Executive;

• Consider amendments to COPE Constitution and Bylaws;

• Other business.

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