Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Appreciation Goes a Long Way: Public Service Careers Imploding

Price of Breaking the hearts and destroying the futures of tiny children with autism: $5 million for BC's early intensive behavioural intervention program

Number of Autistic Children "taking up that slack": 70.
(Direct quote from Mary Polak, Minister of Children & Family Development).

Busting Managers from MCFD spending money on a staff party in the Park: Priceless

BTW: The name of your Ministry is the "Ministry of Children & Family Development." You would think one would be aware of that. Wonder if those MCFD employees that have been losing their jobs are "Appreciating" life these days?

Bzzzzzzz, Cut, slash, burn, timmmmmmber.
That's sound you hear in the BC public service these days. Disappearing, redundancies, consolidations, tears and sadness as colleagues say goodbye and the sound of bumping and morale dropping even more into the toilet. And those lucky to stay know they'll be run into the ground with the work of too many.

There are so many points in time we will look to with fond reminiscence and say "in the good old day, you know, when our government took care of our most needy, most vulnerable..." Those days are done in BC.

Changing Outcomes - Watch Mary in Action here and here explaining away the unexplainable.

Public Eye Online

Last week, Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak said the government was "not seeing any appreciable improvement in the outcomes" for autistic children in its early intensive behavioural intervention program - at least when compared with other treatment options. That statement was a reference to a four-year-old report by University of British Columbia special education professor Pat Mirenda. But, in a scrum today, Minister Polak said those outcomes weren't among the reasons why the program is being shutdown. See for yourself if there's been a change in messaging. Minister Polak also stated the government didn't consult Prof. Mirenda prior to making that decision.


Is this really the best we can do for babies who could have died?
Question: Would it have been long enough to charge him with murder if that life-saving hero didn't find those children and seek emergency help for them before they expired from heat exhaustion?

Lesson learned: If they don't die, it's okay to leave them alone for a while locked in the car, maybe crack a window and leave 'em a couple of bottles next time. Wouldn't want your kids to get in the way of a fun night of partying.

If these were dogs, the owner would have been charged with Cruelty to Animals.
Are children really worth less consequences than animals in 2009?
Why is Herman worth more?
Man Charged after Strangling and Beating Herman the Cat

No charges after children left in van
CBC News. September 21, 2009

Abbotsford police will not be recommending charges against the 26- year-old father, because they were not able to establish how long the children were in the vehicle, according to Const. Ian MacDonald.

Police were called to the scene by a woman who overheard the father at a beer garden at the fair saying he'd left the children in the vehicle.

Kids left in locked van in Abbotsford: police
CBC News. August 1, 2009.

A woman who alerted police to two young children left in a sealed van for hours may have saved their lives, Abbotsford police said Saturday.

Police said they were doing routine checks at about 1 a.m. PT at the Abbotsford Agrifair when a distressed woman alerted them that two children, ages two and four months, had been left in a van for hours while their father was drinking at the Fat Pig Saloon.

Const. Ian MacDonald said the car was locked, all of the windows were closed and the children were in grave condition.

"They were extremely distressed, as you can imagine. They're still awake and they're in a locked vehicle probably with strange surroundings … they had soiled their diapers and they were extremely dehydrated," he said.

What the HELL is wrong with our world these days and what are we doing to stop this madness?

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