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Go Big with Our Money, or GO Home: Is it Really Too Much to Ask for some Business 101 Courses for BC Liberals?

Doesn't it just get exhausting having such idiots in "power" of our great province?
I said it from day one, they were going to be piss poor managers of the public purse, of the public services that our citizens depend on. One thing I don't think most of us realize is how this cluster bomb occurred on such a scale. It's the privatization and devolution folks. And of course the ideology.

They took all of the services that were under the Ministry of Health, with one infrastructure, spread around the regions. Then the rocket scientists n Victoria decided to devolve Health to 6 regional authorities. No mere duplication of infrastructure - NO WAY, GO BIG OR GO HOME on our dime. Instead of one Deputy Minister with an exorbitant compensation plan, they deputized 6, read 'em, 6 high-priced Chief Executive Officers (CEO's) & 6 boards. 6 Human Resource workshops. 6 of everything.

Hmmm, will we ever find out the taxpayer price tag on what it actually cost to devolve and move our health and other services to community regions and all of the privization of our former services? And now this has been shown to have been a GIGANTIC FAILURE and wasted MILLIONS of our dollars, that could have actually been put into our actual services. I know, a NOVEL IDEA. Actually funding services.

So now, behind the glass, they are quietly consolidating everything they can, bringing Health authorities closer and closer, it's sharing time, kids, don't you just feel warm and cozy.?
Had the average Jane and Joe on the street been asked back in 2002 if they thought it made business sense to create 6 complete infrastructures versus keeping the one that existed before, do you think they would have come up with the right answer? Or the BC Liberal answer to health services? I, too, think the people of BC would have understood that this is not a sustainable way to run a business and that said business had a good chance of becoming insolvent sooner rather than later. Well, here we are 9 years into the reign of BC Liberal terror and they are bringing it back together AND cutting the services that our people need. Let's rid of them before they get rid of more of us through systemic and government neglect.

The privatization continues and our public services go careening down the toilet, leaving our most vulnerable and needy, our seniors, our kids, those in pain are SOL. And we're experiencing a fast growing socially dislocated middle and working class who are finding there is no social safety net to catch anyone now.

This government is CLOSED for the business of the public good. End of story.
Except for Olympic funding of course. There is still money left for that.
The hole in the bottom of BC's cookie jar will be readily apparent after the World has gone home and BC's citizens are left to pick up the pieces of our broken and broke society for the next few generations.

Government to Cut 1630 civil service jobs
This year's layoffs of one per cent will affect about 300 people

By Rob Shaw and Lindsay Kines, Canwest News Service – The Vancouver Sun

September 2, 2009


The 300 immediate layoffs are spread across nine ministries: attorney-general, advanced education and labour market development, citizens' services, finance, forests and range, housing and social development, labour, public safety and solicitor-general, and the office of the premier.

McDonald said more layoffs were avoided through cost savings. That included a voluntary four-day work week, senior executive reductions, and previously announced layoffs in the Public Affairs Bureau and human resources department.

Bruce Carter, chief executive of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce:

"We have an entire segment that exists to service government and right now that entire segment is starving," Carter said. "It's possible we could lose companies as a result of this."

Companies elsewhere in B.C. that fill government contracts will feel similar effects. Carter said government cutbacks to administrative, travel and professional service budgets made in February have already had a "huge" impact on the local economy.

[Ed. The slashing of community social and health service contracts is happening too.]


The top public sector wage earners

Health Service Authority Salaries

2007/08 Disclosures

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