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That Ho is a Bad@$$: Friends in High Places

David Ho is no stranger to danger, no stranger to getting caught in compromising situations. He generally does quite well having any charges go bye-bye due to friends in high places one might speculate, at least in the past. How come he was busted on all of this back on December 28th 2008 and we’re just hearing about now and charges are proceeding? I smell somethin’ fishy about all of that. Hey, that's a funny little coincidence, I remember something else happening on December 28th 2003.

Billionaire Vancouver businessman David Ho Charged

Vancouver Sun. Sept. 28 2009.

VANCOUVER - David Ho, the billionaire entrepreneur who moved to Vancouver 25 years ago from Hong Kong, used to have a movie-prop police car parked at his $4-million Shaughnessy home to scare off would-be burglars.

On Dec. 28, 2008, at about 5 a.m., a real police car arrived at his Hudson Street home in response to a 911 call from neighbours involving a woman Ho had met online.

Ho, who in 2005 was named business leader of the year by the Vancouver Junior Board of Trade, faces seven criminal charges, including unlawful confinement, various firearm offences and possession of a controlled substance under schedule 1 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, which covers cocaine and heroin.

Ho was also a big donor to candidates for Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association and to former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin, whose leadership bid received $100,000 from the entrepreneur.

The B.C. Liberals also benefited from Ho’s generosity. His donations to the party have totalled more than $100,000 since 2005.

Ho told The Vancouver Sun in 2003 that he first met [Vern] Campbell in the mid-1980s, when Ho served a two-year term on the Vancouver police board and Campbell was a police superintendent.

"He was the only guy willing to help me with some things I didn’t understand at the time," Ho told The Sun, crediting Campbell with assisting him in his assimilation into Canadian society.


Total Charges - unlawful confinement, unlawfully causing bodily harm, storage of a firearm contrary to regulations, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition, possession of a prohibited firearm without a license and possession of a controlled substance.

Global BC Video: Billionaire Vancouver businessman David Ho faces criminal charges


Ho fucking Ho? Harmony Airways owner David Ho allegedly pulled over by police with two prostitutes, Global TV reports

Bill Tieleman. March 02, 2007.

Global TV's John Daley reported last night that David Ho, owner of Harmony Airways, was recently pulled over by Vancouver Police in the company of two sex trade workers.

Global reports that a crack cocaine pipe was also found in the car and that Ho was given a 24 hour roadside suspension at the time.

Ho's name most recently came up in December 2006 when former BC Liberal Finance Minister Gary Collins quit as Harmony Airways CEO after just two years on the job. Collins recently joined Belkorp Industries as a senior Vice-President.

Ho is a major BC Liberal donor and supporter, donating more than $102,000 to the party.


CTV exposes Graham's connection to Hong Kong criminal network.

Click on the video link under the Graham's Incompetence collection of stories.
Scroll down almost to the bottom and click on the CTV video.
BC Revolution.

"Ho has been transferring large sums of money to various VPD fundraisers. Ho is filmed in the above video at a VPD ODD squad fundraiser dinner."

Ho has been reported to contribute money to the Vancouver Police Foundation.

The stories mention "Ho was caught by the VPD with a large sum of cocaine, yet the VPD dismissed all charges...." [According to CTV video report above, Ho was caught with 30 grams of crack cocaine].

"Ho's family is allegedly one of the many Hong Kong members of the Big Circle crime syndicate that was recently exposed (in a W5 passport scandal report) as having close ties to the upper brass within the RCMP and Federal government. "

VPD says Graham will be cleared in current
By Charlie Smith. Georgia Straight. Dec. 1 2005.

Vancouver police Chief Jamie Graham is being investigated under the Police Act in connection with donations to the Vancouver Police Foundation.
The Vancouver police department issued a November 23 news release stating that three contributors-Electronic Arts, the Wosk family, and Harmony Airways-gave approximately $50,000 to the foundation. Half came from Harmony Airways, which is owned by entrepreneur David Ho.

According to the VPD release, a "senior member" of the department had concerns about tax issues and asked for a review by the RCMP commercial crime section. "

The results of the investigation conducted by the RCMP, assisted by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, was that there was no wrongdoing by anyone and that was confirmed by a Special Prosecutor appointed by the Attorney General's office," the VPD stated.

The VPD claimed in its news release that media falsely stated that Ho had paid for hotel rooms at a conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police in Vancouver in 2004. "

In any mass conference booking of hotel rooms it is common for the hotel to include a few complimentary rooms," the VPD purported. "Chief Graham and two other executives of the CACP stayed in those rooms and all others were billed."

The VPD also insisted in the news release that Graham will be cleared because the investigation concerns the same issue that the RCMP already reviewed.

Ho is a former Vancouver police-board member and owner of MCL Motor Cars. Several years ago, the Burrard Street dealership supplied a Jaguar, decked out in RCMP colours, to the North Vancouver RCMP detachment for community relations. At the time, Graham was the commanding officer in North Vancouver.

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