Friday, January 18, 2013

Disgusted BC Liberal Voter Tells Premier Why She Won't Vote for the Party on May 14th

Letter of the Week: Dear Christy Clark, Here’s why I can no longer vote for the B.C. Liberals . . .

January 18, 2013. Sarah Wall.

sarahwall2 Letter of the Week: Dear Christy Clark, Heres why I can no longer vote for the B.C. Liberals . . .

Ms. Premier:

This letter stems from my extreme disappointment and disgust with what B.C. provincial politics have become.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the future of the Liberal party. I am 32 years old, have a medium-to-high household income, and care very much how my taxes are spent. I care about strong business in B.C., I supported the HST, and up until now I have always voted Liberal. Long story short, I represent the voter you are trying to retain.

I regret to tell you today that you have now lost my vote. When I say it is regrettable, I am in earnest, for there is no other party that represents what I believe to be best for me or my province.

Your failure to reappoint Auditor General John Doyle is the final straw in what has been a tragic series of events for both the B.C. Liberals and the overall political health of B.C.

Are you so afraid of accountability that you dismiss the only voice of the taxpayer in Victoria? I understand you and your supporters have agendas and more than a few skeletons, but will those always trump the well-being of this province and your constituents?

Who else but Doyle is there to hold government accountable and to ensure that corruption does not become “business as usual?” This question is rhetorical and I’ll thank you not to reply with platitudes regarding your interest in servicing the taxpayers. You do not, and you have not, and I’ll thank you not to waste any more of my time with political lip service.

I will not, and likely never will vote for the NDP. I am in near complete disagreement with their policies. However, you have let our province down yet again and I can no longer grit my teeth and check “Liberal” when I go to the ballot box. I simply don’t have the stomach for it.

I hope for B.C.’s sake that we have a better Liberal party in the coming years so that my vote can once again be cast for the party I feel would best represent my needs.

Sarah Wall, Vancouver

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