Thursday, February 14, 2013

BC Liberals plan to spend $16.6 million of taxpayer funds on ads for their party

Yes, many of us are being bombarded by the taxpayer-funded BC Liberal election advertising every which way we turn - on Facebook, on Youtube, on online sites.

When I think of the kids going to bed, or school hungry, the developmentally disabled people who have had care cut back, or group homes closed down, or any of the other more important things $16.4 million could be spent on it makes me sick.

Leaked documents show Liberals plan more election ad spending  
Sean Leslie, CKNW (AM980), 2/13/2013

The NDP says a leaked government document shows the Liberals are planning to spend more money on advertising in the lead-up to the spring election than previously disclosed.

Opposition leader Adrian Dix says the document that was presented to the Liberal caucus last month outlines 16.6 million dollars in Jobs Plan advertising, up from the previous estimate of 15 million.

"The purpose of the campaign according to the government document is to help quote decrease the credibility gap of the government.  16.4 million, yes it's an ambitious goal Mr. Speaker."

But Premier Christy Clark defends the commercials, saying they are directing people to the BC Jobs Plan Facebook site.

"As a result of some of the work that we've been doing, over a million people have gone to visit the Facebook site and that Facebook site is there to connect people with jobs."

The Liberals say they're still spending less on advertising than the NDP did in the 1990's.

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