Thursday, February 21, 2013

Your "Values" are Showing BC Liberals: Slashing Funding for the Disabled

Busy week for politics this week, hard to keep up, here are some highlights:

B.C. siphons hundreds of millions from B.C. Hydro, ICBC to balance books

Rob Shaw, Times Colonist, February 20, 2013.

The B.C. government continues to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars out of B.C. Hydro and the Insurance Corp. of B.C., in a bid to balance the provincial budget with profits that don’t really exist, the Opposition says.

B.C. Hydro is providing the government with a $245-million dividend payment, while ICBC will contribute $226 million in 2013, according to Tuesday’s provincial budget documents.

The money appears key to helping government table a $197-million surplus in the next year.


Just heartless. Don't dare use the b.s. slogan "Families First" again after what you're going to do to people with developmental disabilities and their families. 

Also, know this, you cruel BC Liberals, this is going to end up costing much more in the long run for more expensive care and the cost of human suffering.

B.C. plans to slash funding for adults with disabilities

Lindsay Kines / Times Colonist, February 20, 2013.

The B.C. government plans to drastically reduce the average amount of money it spends on adults with developmental disabilities over the next three years, budget documents show.

Adults with fetal alcohol disorder and autism who receive service under the personal supports initiative will see the biggest decline. Documents show the average cost per client in that program dropping from $24,000 to $16,000 this year alone — a 33 per cent decline.

In two years time, the average cost per client in the program will be less than half what it is today, the documents show.

At the same time, the program’s caseload is expected to more than double from 424 to 945.


Clark campaigning on ‘values’

“I think citizens look as hard at values as they do at promises. I think this election is going to be about what we value as people, what we value as leaders, what principles define us,” Ms. Clark told reporters a day after delivering the budget.

“It’s values, principles and character that are going to define this election. It’s not going to be promises. British Columbians have been down that road before and I don’t think they want to do down that road again.”

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