Saturday, February 16, 2013

LDB real estate sell off: Something hinky this way comes

It can't be just me, but there is something hinky about this. My best guess is they've already got a BC Liberal insider lined up to buy the real estate at a great price (hmm, maybe one of the previous bidders?) and something in the works for where they will move to. My spidey senses are just tingling over this and they are NEVER wrong.

Minister says relocating Liquor Distribution Warehouse doesn't have to do with money
Shane Woodford, CKNW(AM980), 2/16/2013  

“It’s not entirely about the money,” says the minister responsible as the province looks at relocating the Liquor Distribution Warehouse in Vancouver.

Rich Coleman says the current building is not tall enough [Ed. WTH???]and the operation could become more efficient in a new updated facility.

But Coleman also admits the real estate it is sitting on is worth a few bucks and the Province might look at selling it after the move.

Asked if they have a new location locked down Coleman said:

"No we will ask the real estate market to give us some options as to what is out there we are hoping to find something that is already purpose built rather than having to wait but we don't know what the market is yet. We wanted to make a decision on the move first and then now we will go to the market and have them make a proposal to us."

The BC Government and Employees Union says the Province just wants to sell the land and use the dollars to balance the government books.

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