Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bits & Pieces of Campbell's BC Liberals Work in BC


"The Ballad of Gordon Campbell”
Air Farce.

The Gordon Campbell Convention Centre Boondoggle

The Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre: A boondoggle in the making?
Carlito Pablo Georgia Straight. November 1, 2007.

Chronology of budgets and estimates

Vancouver's $900 Million Convention Centre Flooded by Broken Pipe
CBC News. April 27, 2009.

A water leak at Vancouver's new convention centre has flooded two levels of the mammoth building, damaging the flooring and forcing 1,000 delegates of a Public Service Alliance of Canada convention out onto the street.

The Vancouver Convention Centre was opened earlier this month at a cost of nearly $900 million, and is slated to be the main international press centre and broadcast facility during the upcoming 2010 Winter Games in February.

From CTV, watch:

BC's Shame: Child Poverty in British Columbia

Our province has the highest child poverty rate in Canada[for 5 years in a row, going for a 6th, with close to 200,000, or over 20% of kids living in poverty - Ed.]. It's a damning statistic that advocates are calling 'B.C.'s Shame.'

MONDAY: The highest child poverty rate in Canada

TUESDAY: One woman's struggle to provide

WEDNESDAY: Food banks jammed with kids

THURSDAY: Poverty's dangerous consequences

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