Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Cardinal Sins of Campbell’s BC Liberals: Part 1

We’ve now been plagued by the Campbell BC Liberals government (and the shadows that stand behind him) for 8 very long years. In that time, this administration has engaged in a number of “sins” against our people and our province. In an effort to cut through the BS, through the smokescreens and the ads bought and paid for by our taxpayer dollars, here is a list of the most grievous sins of the BC Liberals. This is by no means exhaustive and as is often the case, the impacts and consequences for many of us regular folks are made invisible by a mainstream media in BC that is simply an extension of the government. In no particular order:

Child poverty – When BC was booming, the BC Liberals “won” the shameful distinction of leading Canada in child poverty for 5 years in a row. I suspect a 6th is looming. In December 2008, Premier Gordon Campbell was interviewed by Dirk Meissner for the Canadian Press, stating that during his time in government "all of what I've tried to do in public life is about children." I’m sure all of the hungry and homeless children in BC, or those with disabilities who can’t even get onto waitlists for services would different with that opinion, Mr. Campbell.

Privatizing and selling off BC’s Resources and Assets – This is what’s gone so far, more to come:

- BC Rail (to CN in a cooked and crooked deal)

- Parts of BC Hydro (Accenture)

- BC Provincial Revenue – did you know that a private corporation now has all of your personal and private information that used to be held only by the BC government?

- Maximus

- Telus/Shared Solutions – BC government payroll is now in the hands of these corporations.

Please know this – if the BC Liberals get in again, they will privatize the entire government infrastructure and many public services will be sold to the highest bidder. We will all find out what it means to need our social safety net and it won’t be there to catch us, like the homeless have found out over the last 8 years.

See Calling from the Coast – “BC For Sale” video

Gas tax, masquerading as a Carbon Tax – It gouges all of us at the gas pumps and on every gigajoule we need to heat our homes. It’s bad for everyone, but people in smaller communities around BC are being punished even mor. We’re all seeing our standards of living drop for a government that doesn’t have any real plans to reduce environmental harm. And think about this – the gas tax is due to increase 50 per cent in July 2009 if the BC Liberals get in again.

What kind of idiot legislatively prohibits BC Hydro from developing it’s own power and forces the people’s Crown power supplier to buy more expensive power from privatized corporate entities? BC Hydro now has $30 billion dollars in deals with the private companies, with no money going into BC’s coffers. How is that good for BC?

"You stated that the BC Liberals are planning to privatize and deregulate BC Hydro. This too is false. BC Liberals will not sell BC Hydro. A BC Liberal government will not sell or privatize BC Hydro's dams, transmission lines, water resources or other core assets. These are public assets and they will remain as such." - Gordon Campbell, open letter to then-Premier Ujjal Dosanjh - February 28, 2001

Selling off our rivers to private corporations with sketchy plans for Run of River power projects with lack of oversight or concern about possible environmental damage.

Explosion of Homeless across BC

Campbell’s BC government has succeeded in creating the largest increase in homelessness in BC’s history, during economic boom times. How was this done - by creating public policies that deny the most vulnerable access to income assistance and housing. I believe the term the Ombudsman used in her report is they’ve created a “Kafkaesque” welfare system.

Resource Based Communities are Dying

With the Forestry sector having gone down, the BC Liberals have not done one real damn thing to help the thousands of unemployed workers in the resource sectors and the most hard hit communities. Actions speak louder than words and campaign promises mean nothing. If his lips are moving, it’s lies and those hurting from the dying resource sectors know this. It's no surprise that bankruptcies around BC are up. What will it take to do something for those of us who are just regular working stiffs who want to raise our kids, given them a good life and now just the basics?

Land removal from ALR for Real Estate Developments

How did BC become the most expensive province to live in around Canada? One reason is questionable applications and the removal of desirable real estate from Agricultural Land Reserves. It’s interesting to note how many BC Liberal MLA’s were real estate developers prior to being elected to government.

The Erosion of BC’s Public Education System

Undermining the public education system through inadequate funding to support BC’s children. It’s shell games again, with K-12 funding increased only 1.5% in 2009/10 and .7 % in 2010/11 when funding isn’t even enough to stop cuts to education in the 2009/10 fiscal year. School boards have to make hard choices about where to cut our children’s education systems. I guess if we consider school supplies, heat, teaching assistants and supports to children with special needs unnecessary then this will be okay with us.If we don't "get our kids education right the first time, we have no second chances."

Vote to end Campbell Cuts to Education for BC's Kids

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