Monday, April 15, 2013

And Away We Go: BC Liberals galloping to the end of the road

Get ready for buckets of B.S. and gallons of big, empty promises, smoke & mirrors. That's all the BC Liberals have to offer now.

Premier promises strong economy in TV address
CKNW News Staff , 4/14/2013.

A strong economy and secure tomorrow under the BC Liberals.....or higher spending and uncertainty under the NDP.  

That was the message from Premier Christy Clark in a 30 minute province-wide address on Global TV tonight Sunday night. 

The premier also revealed she will roll out the Liberal's campaign platform in Vancouver Monday.

"I think you deserve to know exactly what I plan to do, and how I plan to do it.   So tomorrow, April 15th, I'm releasing our platform.   It's called Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow...and when you look at the platform along with our balanced budget and the BC Jobs Plan you can see exactly where we plan to lead BC."

The BC Liberal Party paid for the airtime--unlike all those taxpayer-funded BC Jobs Plan ads you've been seeing for the last several months.

NDP MLA Carole James says there was nothing new in the premier's address -- and she says she thinks the public will have been disappointed in that.  

She says it was a commercial, with the premier looking to the past, and lacking in specifics.

"I think the public will have expected more.  For 30 minutes on television the people that I talked to certainly were expecting that they'd hear something of substance, and they heard anything but."

James and the New Democrats claim jobs have been lost since the Liberals brought in their Jobs Plan, that the budget hasn't been balanced, and that the debt has substantially increased.

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