Sunday, April 21, 2013

Much Ado about Nothing: BC Liberals desperately grasping at air

This "story" shows you how absolutely desperate Premier Clark and her foolish campaign people are getting when they are quite literally trying to spin a non-issue into an attack story. 

The BC Liberals have been spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave for months. Don't forget, they didn't have a shred of conscience when spending over $15 million of taxpayers funds, and a  few more million in donations to the party, to attack and slam Adrian Dix, over the past couple of months. 

In spite of this negative campaigning, it's not working at all. Clark and the party keep sinking in the polls, and most importantly, with voters, including people from their own camp. While Dix and his party keep rising. Oooops!

Here is an apparently "offensive" part of this letter:

“It is our hope that you will adopt a balanced approach to your support in the lead up to the election in May,” it states. “I am asking your organization to make a contribution in the range of $5,000 now to show your commitment to a balanced approach to government.”

What's really sickening about this though is that the BC NDP hasn't done anything out of the ordinary, or in any way unsavoury, or wrong. They wrote a letter asking the business community to donate to their party. Shocking, isn't it? 

Spinning this as creating an "enemies list" is pure manipulation of the most pathological and vile, a perfect reflection of the values and conduct of what the BC Liberal party has come to embody over the last decade. 

Beyond that, I hope the NDP are consulting with legal counsel as to whether the BC Liberals have engaged in defamation toward Ms. O'Brien, because their comments go way beyond criticism and fair comment into a much more serious realm where her personal character is being publically attacked and maligned over and over by the BC Liberal party. 

The other thing I would comment on is this must be a really boring election, because the bellicose, dated, old white man journalist club have jumped right into the leaking boat with the BC Liberals to make this non-issue a story. Since when is taking hat in hand to any potential donors during an election a real news story? Maybe it's time to retire folks. If you can't recognize a real story anymore, you're way past your best buy date. 

Fundraising letter prompts Liberal call for firing of New Democrat provincial secretary
Martin MacMahon, 4/20/2013.

BC's premier is hitting out at an NDP letter sent to Liberal supporters in the business community.  
Christy Clark says the NDP's fundraising letter to businesses which have previously supported the Liberal party was out of line.

"I just think it's wrong for any political party to decide that they want to send that kind of letter. Because it sounds to me like what they're doing -- we haven't even finished this election and they're already drawing up an enemies list."

The Liberals are also calling for the NDP to sack its provincial secretary Jan O'Brien and have labelled the letter 'blackmail.'  

Provincial NDP leader Adrian Dix says his party did nothing wrong by simply approaching Liberal supporters.

"The Liberal party raises the vast majority of its money from corporations and certainly, we've sought to raise some and had some success before."

Dix strongly denies that his party is trying to force them into donating to the NDP.

"But if anyone is concerned about it I would be happy to talk to them because there is absolutely, absolutely no intent as suggested by the Liberal party or others.''    

The provincial election is on May 14.

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