Tuesday, April 09, 2013

BC's Own Pinocchio: You Can't Fool Any of the People Anymore

The only confusion that exists is when she's asked to explain herself. Voters are far past the point of being fooled and pouring money into more air time does nothing but waste meager funds. 

A tweet by the Premier about TOIFA causes confusion
Vancouver/CKNW (AM980), 4/7/2013.

A tweet by the Premier about the Times Of India Film  Awards show has led to some confusion.  The morning after the show, Christy Clark tweeted '400 million people were watching TOIFA last night'.  But eight hours before the event began, Clark aknowledged she knew the event would not be broadcast for at least another month.

Reporter: "It is going to be broadcast like a month after.  Any  concerns about that?  

Christy Clark:  "I don't, I don't"

The head of media for TOIFA, Laura Ballance, confirms the event will be aired by Sony at an unknown later date, "any of these awards shows, what they'll do is re-purpose it down into a TV package and then they'll advertise when that's going to be on and promote it the weeks to come.  I don't have an exact date but I imagine we'll get one very, very soon."

She adds Sony's global entertainment reach is 400 million people.  CKNW reached out to the Premier's office today about her tweet, we have not heard back.


Premier uses media....to sidestep media
Shane Woodford, 4/8/2013

The Premier says in buying 30 minutes of TV time this Sunday, she wants to use the media to get around the media.

Christy Clark says too often news outlets filter her message.

"I think communicating through the media is different from communicating directly to people, I mean clearly it is. The intention with setting side a half hour of time is to communicate, talk to people directly and let them make a decision based on all of the content, unfiltered, talking to people about where I stand on the issues so it is a different process than talking through the media."

Clark says the party is paying for the airtime, and questions on the price should be directed to the Liberal Party.

The BC Liberal Party in an email says the cost for the thirty minutes of airtime is "around 100-thousand dollars." 

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