Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The BC Liberals Show Contempt to the Women of BC

What did women ever do to you Gord? You would think you would
have a lot of respect for women, considering the support you have

received from them throughout your life. But respect is clearly
NOT what you have shown to the women of BC. The cruel,
misogynistic and punishing cuts and treatment the BC Liberal
party has provided over the last 4 years demonstrates your
contempt towards the female citizens of this Province.

An excerpt from Gail Johnson:

“During the past three years, the B.C. Liberals have cut a total
of $843 million from the three ministries with responsibilities
for child care, children, women, and families: the Ministry of
Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services; the Ministry
of Human Resources; and the Ministry of Children and Family

Under the Gordon Campbell government more women live in
poverty, in fear of spousal abuse, with broken bones and children
hearing their mother's screams and seeing their mother's injuries.
More women are trapped, because this government cut funding for
shelters and transition homes, women's centres where front-line
support can open the path to a way to leave, or just find support to
survive. They even cut the Ministry of Women's Equality, doesn't
that just speak volumes?

Cuts to services that support women who have been raped,

Victims Services and those those support girls and women who
are sexually exploited. Women live and die on the streets of our
community, while the Liberals attend $300 fundraising dinners
with their business buddies.

Cuts to income assistance force women to stay with their abusers
and their children continue to witness and experience this abuse.
The Liberals fundamentally are undermining women's equality,
dignity, safety and human rights. The BC Liberals policy and
funding decisions have encouraged violence against women,
poverty and marginalization. With cuts to daycare, before and
after school care, women who are single mother's are dispro-
portionally affected and forced to decide between food and

rent, over having their children cared for while they work.

The BC Liberals have made sure that women have unequal access
to educational and employment opportunities in BC. Is this who

you want in power for 4 more years? What more do they have
planned for the women of this Province?

The women in the BC Liberal party have not fared any better,
being rewarded
“soft,” unpopular Ministry posts, with no real
authority, and carted out for photos ops
to camoflauge the
misogyny of the BC Liberal party when the new polls show how
Campbell is with the womenfolk. All of these women
are capable of much more and are leaders in their communities.
The arrogance, paternalism and stupidity of failing to use the
talent that
has been assembled already is yet one more
example ofthe terrible leadership of Gordon Campbell. And
don't think that
Carole Taylor is going to get you out of the
mess you and your henchmen have created.

For the women who are MLA's in the BC Liberal government,
there will be a reckoning and karmic consequences for
your silence and complicity with the harm that has been done
to the women, children and Elders throughout this province
under your watch.


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