Monday, April 25, 2005

Child Protection

I think one can tell a lot about the values of a government by how it
treats it’s most vulnerable citizens. If we take a look at the lives of
children and youth who are in need of protection, it is clear that the
BC Liberals couldn’t care less whether vulnerable and marginalized
children and youth live, or die in B.C. They are quite fine with
keeping the stories, lives and deaths of young people silent and
invisible. There has been between $175 and $200 million in cuts to
the Ministry of Children, Family and Development. This has been in
the guise of regional service system re-designs that have caused
chaos, profound systemic neglect and mass failure to uphold the
legal mandate of child protection in this Province.

It is a fact that Treasury Board is running MCFD and setting
child welfare policy in B.C. The BC Liberals have not only failed to
protect abused and neglected children, they are responsible for
leaving children in unsafe homes, turning their backs on youth
and have been instrumental in ensuring that a generation of
children will fill the welfare rolls, addictions and mental health
services and prisons.

The Liberals must be proud of their record of discrimination
and exploitation of children and youth. Their changes to child
labour laws have earned BC the international notoriety with
the United Nations for rolling back the protections available
to young people. And how about legislatively enshrining
discrimination based on age, as in the $6 training wage.

Cuts to group homes, foster homes, semi-independent living
and safe houses, as well as a cookie cutter policy of placing
youth on Youth Agreements at 16 to 19 has relegated a
generationof youth to homelessness, despair and marginali-
zation.Cuts to alternative schools, employment programs
and addiction services will ensure that youth will stay in the
gutter, where the Liberals clearly believe some people deserve
to live and die.

Three incompetent Ministers in 4 years, each one worst than
the last. At least Hogg knew the landscape, too bad hehad to take
the fall for the Premier in the Walls scandal,but he hasn’t done
too badly. Now he’s been elected as Liberal caucas chair. So
let’s see, two Ministers forced to resign due to connections to
messy political dealings. Hmm? Christie, the public has a hard
time believing you quit to spend more time with your family
especially now that you're in the paper and on TV all the time.
How are your husband and brother?

The BC Liberals have rewarded cronies and relatives with
untendered contracts and received nothing in return.Where is
the $400,000 Doug Walls? Where is the money GordonCampbell?
Money that was earmarked for children and adults with develop-
ment disabilities has disappeared and no accounting ever made to the
taxpayers of B.C. And even though they spent even more money
on an audit, which found Community Living Services still wasn’t
ready to be privatized, it’s still pushing forward with the agenda,
amidst chaos, with deep cracks waiting to swallow our most
vulnerable kids and adults up whole.

MCFD is also continuing to push forward with it's Aboriginal plan,
to devolve all child welfare to Aboriginal agencies. Never mind that
the entire first Board of Directors of Vancouver Aboriginal Child
and Family Services Society(VACFSS) was forced to resign. And that
missing funds have again never been accounted for. How about the
second rate child guardianship and protection standards that are
being applied to Aboriginal children in and out of care, with MCFD

Where are the answers to why there has been an increase of 33%
in the rate of death of children and youth in care? How about the
general increase in mortality of infants, children andyouth over the
last 4 years? Oops, we don’t know about that because the Liberals
cut the watchdogs, the Children’s Commission and the Child & Youth
Advocate. Jane Morley, BC’s Child and Youth Officer has certainly
made herself clear that she will not raise her voice to say how poorly
this government is in taking care of our children & youth. It’s
amazing how a political appointment and some money will cause
one’s ethics, integrity and morals to ebb away. These comments
should be viewed as a complete vote of NO CONFIDENCE in
Jane Morley and her office. I hope it was all worth it, Ms. Morley.
The children, youth and families of B.C. are worse off under your
watch. and your silence is a slap in the face to all who deserve
your voice to speak on their behalf.

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