Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Links to Political and Election Web Sites

BC Political Parties and Counter parts:

Babble at Rabble on STV.
Rick Barnes: From the Heartlands. Politics in BC.
BC Citizens for Public Power
BC Conservative Party
BC Federation of Labour - Count Me In campaign -
Top 10 Reasons to Defeat the Liberals. Business Case for Firing the Liberals.
BC4Sale - Look for their spoof videos.
British Columbia Libertarian Party
BC Government Employees Union: Member to Member Campaign

BC Liberal Party - Please join us in voting them out May 17th, 2005.
The citizens of B.C. can't afford another 4 years of a BC Liberal government.
BC Liberals- Bad for BC
BC Marijuana Party
British Columbia Party™ -
independent perspectives on the events, people
and issues that make up British Columbia's zany political life.
British Columbia Social Credit Party
BC- STV Factsheet - from the Citizen's Assembly.
BC Teacher's Federation
BC Vote: BC's Online Political Resource.
Bear 604: Because Everyone Matters.
The Broad Coalition - a group of activists who don't want to see the NDP
and the Greens split the vote in the May 17 provincial election.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - BC Office.
CCPA - BC Election 2005: Essential facts and analysis for the informed voter.
CBC: BC - BC Votes
Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
Creative Resistance - Winning The BC Election: Building Awareness.
Election 2005 website.
Deceive BC: Promises Made.Promises Broken.
DemoChoice web polls - create your own STV poll on the web!

Democratic Reform B.C.
Elections BC's Online Voter Registration
Equal Voice - national multi-partisan advocacy group publicly addressing
the issue of women's under-representation at all levels of government in Canada.
Fair Voting BC - Yes to STV.
52% Coalition
- coalition of organizations and individuals raising
the profile of women’s issues on the provincial election agenda in BC.
The Freedom Party of British Columbia
The Georgia Straight - Vancouver's newsmag.
Get Your Vote On - Because the world is run by those who show up.
Because no one will care about our issues if we don’t.
Because those in power won’t be here in 50 years, but we will.

Green Party of BC
Have You Had Enough Yet -
An irreverent voice of opposition to
the BC government and its embedded media.

Hospital Employees Union -
Links to the TV ads they are running. Letting our readers know what we want them to know since 2002.

Peter Kelly: Because Someone Needs to To Say it.
KnowSTV - On the No side.
Left Turn - "
politic activists interested in creating a socialist, working class,
electoral alternative for the next provincial election in British Columbia.
Liquid Thoughts - political blog.
Lotusland: Nervous Politics - way cool political and other blog. - dedicated to providing citizens in British Columbia with information
on the broken promises, negative policies, and regressive
legislation of Gordon Campbell
and his BC Liberal government.

Monday Magazine - Victoria's non-mainstream newsmag.
New Democratic Party
No to STV
Only Magazine - Vancouver indie media at it's finest.
Party Of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think For Themselves
And Be Their Own Politicians

Paying attention: Paul Willcocks on B.C. politics and life.
Public Eye Online -
Alternative on-line journal covering B.C. politics.
Rachel Marsden: Politics with an Edge. Edge of what I'm not sure, but, good
on you for re-inventing yourself. You do love the limelight, eh?
Reform Party of British Columbia
Robbins Sce Research: We Are Public Opinion. Polls.
RoboMoPho weblog - Pictures from the campaign trail, submitted to Terminal City.
Rock The Vote BC

The Sex Party

Strategic Thoughts - David Schreck,
political pundit's website on BC politics.
Reasons Schreck thinks you should vote No on STV

STV for BC: Vote Yes Blog

Terminal City's B.C. Election Coverage and Political Scrum.
Tyee: A Feisty One online. Election Blog.
The Vancouver Courier
- Home to some of the best political and current
affairs journalists who don't make the mainstream local rags.
Work Less Party of British Columbia

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