Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Corruption, Greed and Incompetent Management

Reasons The Liberals Should Be Voted Out

We laugh at the exploits of tin pot dictators in Third

If he were a “regular” citizen, he wouldn’t be able to enter
the States now. But he seems to be able to return to the
“scene of the crime” so to speak. He seems to be in Maui
(with a certain secretary, oops, outside voice) when lots of
important things are going down in BC, things like raids in
the Legislature related to drug investigations, Ministers,
government aides and sketchy "sales" of BC Rail.

Under the BC Liberals time in office, there have been
charges of money laundering, racketeering, and hand
picked Liberal appointees, like Dave and Aneal Basi,
allegedly accepting bribes. Do the Liberals really think the
citizens of BC are so stupid that they would believe his
hand-picked inner circle Ministers, Gary Collins and
Christy Clark just happened to pick family life over public
life at the time everything was rolling out. Get real.

Does it astound and destroy one's belief in truth, justice and
democracy in BC to learn that the warrants regarding the
seizure of documents from the BC legislature will NOT be
unsealed until May 30th (conveniently after the election)?
It alarms me deeply that we are going to the polls with
little information about this scandal and how it relates to the
leadership of the Liberal government.

Through patronage and ill-advised management decisions
of the Premier’s office, Minister Gordon Hogg and Deputy
Minister, Chris Haynes of the Ministry of Children and
Family Development and Treasury Board, individuals,
such as Doug Walls have been awarded substantial,
untendered contracts from the Liberal government.
At the time of the tendering process, Walls, a relative
by marriage to Gordon Campbell, was being investigated
by the RCMP in Prince George for fraud (cheque kiting).
This investigation was known by Hogg and Haynes at the
time Walls was given public funds to privatize Community
Living Services for developmentally disabled children,
youth and adults. He was also given an untendered contract
to develop an information portal and received funds from
government in the names of other family members.
No charges, no apologies and the money has never been

If this was a private business, the manager’s responsible
for this decision-making would have had their heads on a
platter. Charges of embezzlement would have been filed
to recoup the losses of the stakeholders. What did the
citizens of BC get from the Liberals? Secrecy, lies, patron-
age, and incompetent management of public funds. A lack of
accountability and the arrogance of a government wasting
taxpayers money. And in early 2005, Mr. Hogg, was elected
as the Liberal caucas chair. What does that say about
accountability in the BC Liberal government. Clearly
there is none.
“I expect British Columbians to hold us
accountable for these promises.”
April 23, 2001 rally in Tsawwassen, BC.

I sincerely hope the citizens of BC hold these clowns accountable on May 17th, 2005.

CBC News, (19 Nov 2002). B.C. MLA expelled from Liberal caucus. VICTORIA - British Columbia MLA Paul Nettleton
has been thrown out of the Liberal caucus over his
claims that the government has a secret plan to sell
B.C. Hydro.

CBC News, (Jan 23 2004). Hogg resigns over audit.

CBC News, (14 Jan 2004 ). Police raids in B.C.
linked to drug investigation.

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due Wednesday.

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Deveau, Scott (March 16, 2005). Mug Shot Too Hot for
Political Ads: Parties running against B.C. Liberals
fear use of drunk driving photo would backfire.

Hogg, Gordon (2005). Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg
has been elected as Chair of the BC Government Caucus.

“I’m honoured my colleagues have chosen me to take on this role ..."

Barbara McClintock, (April 4, 2005). Carole Taylor's
Heavy Load:
B.C. Liberals expect her star appeal to
woo women back. But after four years, the gender
divide is wide

Barbara McClintock, (January 8, 2004).
Premier Scrambles to 'Restore Trust':
Gordon Campbell's dance with the media yesterday
at one point defied credulity, and left all the big
questions unanswered.

Ministry of Finance, (May 6, 2004). Investigation of
CareNet Technology Society and the Provincial
Government's Dealings with Douglas F. Walls.

Bill Pikett, (February 23 2005). British Columbia:
Best place to be a CEO. Have You Had Enough Yet.

Bill Pikett, (April 06 2005). No corruption here in BC,
not in the pages of the Daily Scum anyway.
Have You Had Enough Yet.

David Schreck, (January 18, 2004). Another Special
Prosecutor, More Questions for Campbell:
Liberal appointee Doug Walls has quit his powerful post,
his past business dealings under investigation by a special
prosecutor. He leaves a ministry facing big cuts, bigger

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