Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcome to the Official BC Liberals Suck Blog

Like many citizens of BC, we are shocked, horrified and
feel like the BC Liberal reign of terror on the Province
of BC
must come to an end. The public policies and
private agendas of the BC Liberal party have impacted
every individual in this Province. I know I am sick of the
oppressive, greedy and arrogant position of the BC Liberals.
Their policies continue to harm all of us, because as citizens
of this Province, we are all interdependent and what affects
one individual, or family affects all of us.

Ask yourself, can BC really afford to have these rat bastards in
the BC Legislature for another 4 years? I don't think we can.
From sweetheart untendered contracts to friends, family and
business buddies, to booming homelessness rates in every
community in BC, closures of hospitals, schools, court houses,
government offices and essential services. There isn't a community
in BC that hasn't been impacted and decimated in some way by
the greed, corruption and cruelty of the BC Liberal government.

For those who voted Liberal in 2001, ask yourself, did your MLA
tell you what the party would do in power? Do you feel betrayed,
do you feel lied to? Is your community better for the Liberal policies?
Is the environment cleaner, or safer? Are you tired of the Liberals
tax cuts to their rich business buddies that come at the expense of
your elderly parents increased MSP and prescription costs and all
the other services that the BC Liberals have offloaded to individuals
and families of BC? Are your childen better off than they were four
years ago? Is the future bright for your children, family and community?

Do you feel scared, angry and violated that the BC Liberals have
made long-lasting, secret deals with American corporations who now
have your personal and private information? Did they ask the citizens
of BC if they wanted their MSP and a host of other confidential
information going across the border, to be perused by American
authorities at will?

If the Liberals have been able to cause this much devastation and
heart ache in 4 years, ask yourself, what will they do with another
4 years? Can you, your family and community cope with more
cuts, more privatization, more offloading, and even less services?

The BC Liberals Suck Blog will demonstrate to the citizens of
BC all the ways in which this government has shown their
malice, disrespect and contempt to the citizens of BC.
We encourage your participation and dialogue about the harm
you and your community have experienced at the hands of the
Gordon Campbell Liberal government.

We hope you will join us in voting the BC Liberals out on May 17th, 2005.

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