Thursday, April 30, 2009

BC Liberals try to Score Political Points at the Expense of Children

Absolutely vile. I know the Campbell's and his lame-ass BC Liberals are looking for ways to even the score and trash the NDP, but to do it by exposing a child and family matters to public scrutiny is the last GD straw. These people are completely devoid of morality, of what is fair, of what the limits are.

So, if I read this story correctly, the BC Liberals are equating a personal and private family matter, that did not move beyond an investigation, with a long-time member of the BC Liberal cabinet, John Van Dongen, repeatedly breaking and violating the law (he had sworn an Oath to the Crown to uphold), with a total of 9 traffic violations, with two being for excessive speed (He told us "Speed Kills." This resulted in the man, who is the Solicitor General and Minister of Public Safety, having his license removed from him, by his own Ministry because he was determined to be a risk to public safety were he to continue driving on the roads of BC, because that's what is means when the Province removes your license.

When there are certainly more than a few in the Liberal camp who could possibly have been investigated for allegations of child abuse and family problems in their own lives, to stoop so low as to debase and abuse a child, parent and family's right to privacy demonstrates as clear as a bell what kind of sick people the citizens of BC have had running our show for the last 8 years. Ask yourself this, what would it be like for you, as a parent, to have your most personal and private family business and your child exposed to the public in this way. It is shameful and a disgrace for the Liberals to do this.

The NDP don't owe anyone an apology. The BC Liberals owe the child and family involved much more more than an apology for shredding their dignity and privacy away like this - FOR POLITICAL GAIN. These people have illustrated time and time again they do not have the ethical, or moral fibre or judgment to adequately steward and govern BC anymore. They are done and they know it.


Police Investigation of Candidate a Private Issue: BC NDP Leader

CBC News. April 30, 2009.


On Wednesday the B.C. Liberals pounced on James for failing to reveal NDP candidate for Nanaimo-North Cowichan Doug Routley was investigated by the RCMP and a special prosecutor over allegations made during divorce proceedings that included a child.

No charges were laid and the matter did not go to court.

But the B.C. Liberals questioned why it took so long for James to make the police investigation public, after she was quick to criticize Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell when a cabinet member's speeding tickets landed the party in hot water just last week.

James said she knew about the police investigation for some time, but did regret that she only found out about the special prosecutor late last week. She said Routley should have informed her sooner, but his situation was significantly different from van Dongen's.

"In this case, it was a personal case.… There is a clear distinction and the Liberals know that … so a little bit of politics being played by the other side," said James.

"In the case of John van Dongen, obviously he admitted himself he broke the law and he was the top cop," she said. "He broke the law and he had to step back … and he did that," she said [Not bloody far enough. - Editor].

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