Thursday, March 21, 2013

BC NDP: Coasting in the for the Win on May 14th

Can't believe that the brain trust Premier Clark is depending on for her election strategy think that smokes & mirrors & empty promises are going to help them win this election. 

Are they incapable of understanding the degree of cynicism that Clark and her party now engender after a decade of slashing and burning, scandals, skeletons and cover-ups? Apparently so. Wonder what other "election announcements" voters can expect as the campaign really heats up. 

Angus Reid, the bearer of bad news...for the Liberals
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The latest Angus Reid Poll on the BC political scene contains more bad news for the Liberals.   The NDP are well out in front at 48-percent support, a jump of one point.

The Liberals polled below 30-percent for the first time this year after dropping three points to 28-percent support.   Tied for third are the Green Party and Conservatives who saw slight improvement to sit at 11-percent.

Matter-of-fact, Green leader Jane Sterk is now tied with Christy Clark with a 27-percent approval rating.   62-percent of those polled say it is time for a change of government.

Adrian Dix is the pick of 31-percent for best Premier; Clark had 16-percent.   The Angus Reid Poll was done for the Globe and Mail.

Building hospitals is like kissing babies, says critic
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The NDP's Health critic says the Premier's announcement to begin the rebuilding process for Penticton's aging hospital lacks a few important details.   Mike Farnworth says Premier Clark neglected to include any real money or a specific timeline. Farnworth called it, "pure electioneering."   

But, what would the NDP do for the people of Penticton, "My understanding is that today the Government said they would do the business plan and if there is funding for that, we will make sure a business plan is completed. But what really needs to happen is that we need to have a comprehensive facilities plan, capital plan, for health care right across the Province which takes into account the key priorities in each of the health authorities."

Farnworth says all Clark is doing now is using false hope to try and shore up votes.

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