Friday, March 01, 2013

Listing from train wreck to train wreck: BC Liberals election strategy?

Damn, even their own caucus member, Kash Heed, is slamming them. It's not like he has any credibility left (see below), but it's funny to see the latest train wreck. Do you think her insiders actually want Clark and the BC Liberals to lose? Geeze, with friends and insiders like these, who needs enemies?

LiberalMLA slamming his own party
Shane Woodford, 2/28/2013, VICTORIA/CKNW(AM980).

A BC Liberal MLA is blasting his own party after leaked documents show a strategy of "quick wins" with the ethnic community ahead of the may election.

Kash Heed was blunt when asked about the latest controversy over leaked government documents.

"Not impressed what so ever but I am not surprised given what i have experienced over there in the last four years."

Heed says someone must answer for the strategy.
"There needs to be immediate, appropriate, and significant consequences that were involved in this type of behaviour."

Heed says the Liberals must make moves that are honest and genuine and not cheap political ploys. 

[Ed. Unlike someone whose campaign people distributed Chinese language pamphlets that spread fear and misinformation in the last election and were later charged for their actions.]

He says people aren't stupid.

"To get the political favour from the community in this fashion is just so inappropriate and just so disgusting as far as I am concerned."

He says the party needs to make a serious effort to make amends or else.

"If you continue down this particular route the wheels will definitely fall off."

As for how the party could rebound and who might help lift the load Heed says "I guess that is going to be up to some of these so called highly paid advisors that are working with the party. They are going to have to determine that because they are not worth there keep right now given what has taken place."

Heed says the party has compromised itself and any legitimate effort it might make to build bridges with different ethnic groups.

"And that is the unfortunate part of it. I have had several people from the community, the Indo-Canadian community, contact me and say that they have been clearly Liberal supporters in the past but they are not going to support the party based on what they are now observing is taking place."

Premier Christy Clark apologizes for multicultural strategy memo
Liberal MLA slamming his own party
Shane Woodford | Email news tips to
2/28/2013 - See more at:

Listen to the BC Liberals apologizing for getting caught after the BC Liberal "multi-cultural outreach" political strategy was leaked. 

A memo from Clark's deputy chief of staff that recommends the party look for "quick wins" in the "ethnic community" has the B.C. Liberal government in damage control today. 'On the Coast' host Stephen Quinn spoke with Victoria Times Colonist columnist Les Leyne. 

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