Thursday, March 14, 2013

Culture of Entitlement in Victoria: Quelle Surprise!

Is anyone really surprised by how much of a culture of greed and entitlement has flourished in Victoria over the last decade, or longer? 

'Culture of entitlement' in legislature, B.C. auditor general finds

Unusual financial arrangements for retiring officers of the legislature: report

B.C.'s outgoing auditor general says the province's financial accounts are slowly being cleaned up, but there's still much work to be done.

John Doyle's latest report says an all-party legislative committee that oversees finances needs to work harder to ensure greater openness and accountability.

But the report also says there have been some improvements in record-keeping and accounting since his audit last July.

Last year, Doyle said the records were so disorganized, he couldn't determine if bills were being paid.

"There's a culture of entitlement and an inappropriate inattention to proper management process that has been in the legislative assembly for a considerable period of time," Doyle said on Wednesday.

"They actually need to get into the real world and discharge their duties as per their own legislation."

Doyle's latest report points out what he calls unusual financial arrangements for retiring officers of the legislature.

It also highlights office renovations for Vernon-Monashee Liberal Eric Foster, who happens to be the chair of the committee that voted against rehiring Doyle for a second term as B.C. auditor.

On Thursday, Doyle will be release his report into the so-called ethnic outreach scandal.

With files from CBC's Stephen Smart.

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