Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Git 'em John Boy: BC Liberals don't have to give a $%&!

Dear Ms. and/or Mr. B.C. Taxpayer,

We couldn't give a $%&! about your hard-earned taxpayer money. We're going to just piss it away and not bother to account for it. Frankly, we've been doing it for years, thanks.

As you know, Ms. and Mr. Taxpayer, you can't do anything about it and we're going to keep getting away with this, because we have no checks and balances, or accountability built into your legislature and how we fund things. Or the rest of government to be honest.

The majority might be weak, but we still have it.


Your BC Liberal government

Auditor General says spending problems persist for government
Sean Leslie | Email news tips to Sean

BC's Auditor-General says progress has been made since he first rapped the legislative assembly over "substantial irregularities", but problems persist and more must be done.

John Doyle also zeroes in on an expensive lease and renovations to the constituency office of Liberal MLA Eric Foster.

He says public money was used to pay not only the $67,000 dollar lease, but $51,000 dollars in renovations, and the landlord may be conducting private business on premises paid for with public money.

Doyle also says previously missing invoices have now been submitted, but with no date stamp, raising "serious concerns" as to when they were actually added to the legislative record.

Foster is paying back that money via deductions from his constituency allowance.

The legislative assembly is calling the arrangement an "exception", and is considering hiring a leasing expert to help guide decisions in the future. 

With a chaser of: Who is really the turd in this scenario?

BC Liberal Bennett defends "turd" tweet
Sean Leslie | Email news tips to Sean

Liberal cabinet minister Bill Bennett is making no apologies for calling New Democrats "turds" in a tweet last night.

Bennett says he's been called worse by the opposition.

Bennett says politics is a rough business and we stand up in the house and we call each other names in Question Period on a regular basis...perhaps not that particular word, but other words that are probably a lot harsher than that word, and it was said in fun, with tongue in cheek.

Bennett says he made the tweet after an evening with fellow MLA's but alcohol was not a factor.

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