Saturday, March 02, 2013

It's All Over But The Crying: BC Liberals Imploding

At this point all the BC NDP has to do is sit back and watch as the BC Liberals implode from within. Who in their right mind would elect the current iteration of the party? You know a party is dying and on life support when they lose the faith and support of their own foot soldiers. 

Plett's comments about a "shadow council" are really interesting too, because it makes one wonder who is really running the BC Liberal party at this point. Because not only is Christy Clark only Premier due to winning a by-election, but it makes it obvious there are shadowy elements really yanking the puppet strings and that should scare the hell out of all us. 

Unrest in BC Liberal riding associations
SURREY/CKNW (AM980), Shane Woodford, 3/1/2013
A fourth Surrey BC Liberals riding association is in upheaval today after the presidents of three others threw in the towel.

James Plett was the Vice President of the Surrey Tynehead riding association until he took to Twitter to say he is tired of all the scandals and quit.

Here is the original tweet from Plett who is on Twitter as @JPlett
'Sick of "Today's @bcliberals" corruption + scandal after scandal. Worse than the BC NDP of yesteryear. I quit effective now #bcpoli'

Plett says the party is riding roughshod over the associations and just putting candidates into place with no nomination race or voting.

 "The acclamation process in the BC Liberal party there is no yes or no vote it is kind of just this is who your candidate is going to be and the fact that you know they are vetted by some kind of shadow council like the fact that you can have very qualified people put forward their papers but the powers that be say no we don't want you to run is kind of sickening."

Plett says there is a lot of other Liberals in other riding association across BC who are also sick and tired of the way the party treats them.

"I have been a dyed in the wool believer and I think myself and a lot of people are just being shuffled off and are just being told to take a hike and its actually very disappointing it is not a good turn and at this point myself and a lot of BC Liberals...former BC Liberal supporters are asking themselves if an NDP government would be that much worse."

The Liberals also lost riding presidents in Surrey-Whalley, Surrey-Fleetwood, and Surrey-Green Timbers

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