Monday, April 27, 2009

Another BC Liberal Bites the Dust: Don't Dive into the Shallow Gene Pool

Um, would our new Solicitor General, the old one, Rich Coleman, be the same cabinet Minister who is still CURRENTLY under RCMP investigation for allegations about any role he may have played in the Langley municipal election shenanigans of November 2008?

What does it say about the rest of Campbell's BC Liberal caucus that he has now put Coleman in charge of 2 high-profile Ministries, over any other back benchers and returning candidates? What more is there left to keep a lid on in the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General? How about ICBC? How about the underfunding and staffing crisis in Probation Services, you know, those people who keep an eye on all of those criminal folks who've been put out into the community by the Attorney General's courts? You know, all those guys who are running around shooting each other in public, the sex offenders and the garden variety people on probation.

Here's a couple of stories we wrote about Coleman's ongoing allegations of troubles with the laws of BC, as well as other sources too:

2 Liberal MLA's Being Investigated by RCMP

BC Liberals Suck, Friday, December 19, 2008.

Rich Coleman & Mary Polak are being "investigated" within the Liberal party for their unregistered endorsement of a slate of Langley school board candidates in October's municipal elections.

Two B.C. cabinet ministers probed by RCMP
Complaint alleges their endorsements of civic candidates broke election rules

Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun. Published: Friday, December 19, 2008.

Two B.C. cabinet ministers, the Liberal Party of B.C. and a Langley parents' group are under investigation by RCMP after a complaint alleged that they violated sections of the Local Government Act during November's municipal election.

In a written complaint filed this week, Sonya Paterson also asked RCMP to investigate rumours that some candidates had access to Liberal constituency membership lists of mailing addresses and phone numbers.

"One of the township councillor candidates (Jordan Bateman) is the president of Rich Coleman's [constituency] executive," Paterson noted in her letter to RCMP Supt. Janice Armstrong.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Things are Getting Nasty In Langley: Liberal Operatives Attack a BC Hero

No Electioneering Charges Against Polak, Coleman

By Janet Steffenhagen 03-31-2009.

Polak and Coleman endorsed Steve Burton, Alison McVeigh, Rod Ross, Hattie Hogeterp and Kari Medos in newspaper advertisements. The first three were elected but they lost control of the board to what the newspaper calls "anti-middle-schoolers".

Thiessen told the newspaper that other aspects of the complaint are still under investigation. Read the full story here.

[Other aspects of the complaint are still being evaluated, Thiessen said. He couldn't give extensive details, noting that, so far, there were "only allegations" being looked into. Other individuals or agencies are also involved.
Langley Advance

RCMP Cpl Peter Thiessen told the newspaper there are no grounds to support allegations that Mary Polak and Rich Coleman - both of whom are Langley MLAs - violated the Local Government Act with their campaigning.

BC Solicitor General Resigns Over Speeding Tickets
CBC News. April 27, 2009.

"The premier announced that Rich Coleman will take over as solicitor general, a post he has held in the past. Coleman will also remain the minister of housing."

DOCUMENT: Statement from John van Dongen announcing resignation as B.C. solicitor general

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