Wednesday, April 29, 2009

InAction on Crime is the Real Story: The Fog is being Dispersed

Oh puuuuuhhhhhlllleeezze. This bunch getting all sanctimonious and righteous about "fighting crime" is just pure illusion and sleight of hand. Can't con a con, or the people of BC anymore.
They can start spinning sin, vice and redemption all they want, voters have woken up and are listening to the sorry, abominable creatures that have taken over our government.

How on earth can parents in BC tell their kids not to speed, not to drive dangerously, not to drink and drive? Not to park where they shouldn't, not to use connections to get land removed from the ALR? Parents can't say any of these things to our kids anymore and have credibility, when our premier, our Solicitor Generals keep getting caught for things, investigated by police and have punishment meted out by authorities. Politicians and gangsters are Rock Stars now. How bad a crime does it have to get before a Liberal knows they have to resign, not run, need to apologize and make amends for helping break down the moral norms and values of society in BC?

BC Liberals Commercial - Action on Crime

"With a constant, almost predictable beat of questionable conduct, the RCMP has likely generated more bad press and infamy for British Columbia over the previous two decades than the rest of the country combined. Unsolved murders, soaring crime, rampant financial crime, dubious political investigations; the list could go on and one, but the governors of the province seem hypnotized by the red serge... "We love our Mounties," Premier Gordon Campbell told the MacLean's magazine editorial board ... in October 2007... "We love our mounties," Solicitor General John Les (currently being investigated by "our Mounties." ). "

Dispersing the Fog: Inside the Secret World of Ottawa and the RCMP by Paul Palango

Funny that, current SolGen Rich Coleman is a former Mountie. And of course, the RCMP investigation continues regarding allegations of his involvement in the Langley municipal election of November 2008.
Former Attorney-General smells cover-up in sale of BC Rail

Former attorney-general Alex Macdonald was on the phone urging me to pay more heed to the legal smokescreen being used to divert scrutiny from the impugned sale of BC Rail assets.

"If they get away with it now, they'll get away with it in future," Macdonald warned.

Macdonald is angry the Liberals broke their promise not to sell the provincial railway and he's tired of waiting to hear answers to the criminal charges that tarnished that sale.

"How come that criminal case is still going on after five years and still we have not gotten to the soup and nuts?" the old warhorse asked. "Five years, my God."

The May 12 election is the second since the most senior level of the provincial government civil service was accused of corruption. Yet we still do not know the particulars.

He's right.

"In 1788, U.S. president James Madison said, 'Abridgements of the freedom of the people can come by silent encroachments of those in power,'" Macdonald said. "Let's not let this encroachment get away with silence."

The B.C. Liberals lecture about judgment, but fail to exercise it

Gary Mason, Globe & Mail. April 28 2009.

"I'm having trouble discerning where the line in the sand is for the Liberals when it comes to exhibiting the kind of judgment they say you need to have when you're a politician."

The Liberals believed it was the right thing for Ray Lam to resign because of some sophomoric photos taken of him when he was a teenager, but the solicitor-general was going to be able to keep his job even though he'd temporarily lost his licence for reckless driving habits.

I think part of what we're seeing here is the result of the free pass Mr. Campbell gave himself six years ago when he was found guilty of drunk driving. How could he fire John van Dongen when he refused to step down for a worse crime?

So now pretty much anything goes."

The Invisible Man: Why are your Hiding from your Constituents?

I thought you were proud of your record and your platform and where you're going to take BC next?

Premier Gordon Campbell ducks debates in Vancouver-Point Grey riding
By Carlito Pablo. Georgia Straight. April 29, 2009.

The leaders of the provincial NDP and B.C. Greens aren’t backing off from debates with their local opponents at the constituency level.

The NDP’s Carole James, who is running in Victoria–Beacon Hill, is set to appear at an all-candidates forum this evening (April 29). Along with candidates Dallas Henault of the B.C. Liberals and Adam Saab of the Greens, James will answer questions from the audience as well as those submitted ahead of time.

Green Leader Jane Sterk told the Straight that she’s participating in all constituency-level debates. Sterk is trying to unseat Esquimalt–Royal Roads NDP MLA Maurine Karagianis while also keeping B.C. Liberal candidate Carl Ratsoy at bay.

“I’m trying to win my seat, so it’s really important for me to win my seat, and I can’t do it by not attending the debates,” Sterk said by phone.

And what about B.C. Liberal premier Gordon Campbell?

“Campbell is still refusing to debate,” NDP candidate Mel Lehan told the Straight. Lehan is running against Campbell in Vancouver–Point Grey for a second time in this year’s May 12 election.

“He [Campbell] wouldn’t do it last election and he won’t do it this election,” Lehan said by phone during a break in door-knocking in the constituency’s Dunbar area. “He’s really afraid to debate.”

Stephen Kronstein, Green candidate in Vancouver–Point Grey, said he assumes that Campbell doesn’t want to show up at all-candidates debates at the local level because the premier can get his points across through the extensive media coverage he receives.

“But unfortunately, if that is his position, he’s not understanding that these meetings are for his electorate to give him some guidance, to give him their questions, and for them to be able to share their interests and hopes for B.C.,” Kronstein told the Straight. “If he is of the idea that he is in the media and doesn’t need to show up, then he’s missing the point.”

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