Friday, April 24, 2009

You Can't Make this $hit Up: BC Goes Ghetto

Let's do the math here, it's really quite simple. BC is being changed into a Pimp Daddy crib, a free for all for the rich and well positioned among us, who sit on the corner and make their deals and make sure their Bitches keep bring' the dough rollin' in.

We have a Premier, Gordon Campbell, who was arrested for drunk driving in a foreign country, bringing international shame and embarassment to our entire province . He does not quit. Look at his mug shot on this page, does he look sorry, upset, guilty, shameful. Not in the least.

We have a former Minister of Finance, Gary Farrell-Collins, who quits amid an RCMP investigation involving people who work in his office who are alleged to be involved in fraud, drugs, breach of trust, taking bribes etc. And of course the privatization/sale of BC Rail to CN, helped along by golden boy, Patrick Kinsella, everyone's unfavourite privatizer of the assets and resources the citizens of BC require for a sustainable life. Then, after leaving office Collins goes to work for David Ho, owner of Harmony Airways. That would be David Ho, with a penchant for hookers and blow, who got busted with both in his car in Vancouver and *magically* just received a 24 hour suspension and no charges. This would also be the same David Ho who could be seen rubbing shoulders with Jamie Graham, Chief of Police in Vancouver, who although being found . The same Ho who made donations to police organizations, a good friend to the police that Ho was. Mmmmm, I love my crack and Ho's in a Porsche, best thing ever.

"With Dr. Ho in his Porsche Cayenne were apparently two, er, ladies of the evening and, oh yes, a bag of "what was believed to be" crack cocaine was found on the rear seat.

"Dr Ho, who has, according to the media report, made numerous donations to the Vancouver Police Dept. over the years, was overheard by the officer involved calling the VPD Chief and asking him "to do something" about the issue."


Christie Clark quits as Minister of Child & Family Development in the midst of the RCMP investigation involving the privatization of BC Rail. Her husband, Mark Marrissen is a major player in the Liberal camps, federal and provincial and he's interviewed by the RCMP. Her brother Bruce Clark is also interviewed by RCMP in this case. Magically, Clark lands on her feet with a radio show on CKNW, with Corus.

We have Gordon Hogg, Minister of Child & Family Development who had to resign over the Doug Walls affair and a Deputy Minister (Chris Haynes) who is fired giving government contracts and appointing Walls who was being investigated by the Prince George RCMP for fraud against his bank. Then after an obligatory pause, Hogg is elected Liberal caucas chair.

We have John Les, who had to step down as Minister of Public Safety & Solicitor General when it's learned months later that he's been under "special investigation" due to allegations of possible wrongdoing over the removal of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve in Chilliwack when he was on the munipal councillour and was also a real estate developer. With the utmost hubris and ouright arrogance, he's running in this election again.

Rich Coleman is first investigated for possible conflict of interest in the removal of valuable lands in Jordan Creek etc. from the ALR and the awarding of real estate contract to a company his brother just happened to work with. Apparently he was clear though, no conflict.
Currently, during this election, Coleman and Mary Polak have been getting investigated by the RCMP in Langley for allegations of breaching legislation related to the municipal election in Nov. 2008.

Now it gets even better, with John Van Dongen, the replacement Minister of Public Safety & Solicitor General:

[He] "received two tickets in the last 18 months stemming from "excessive speeding" on a Saanich highway in Victoria and on Highway 99.

His vehicle was going 41 km/h in excess of the highways' speed limit, he said. Van Dongen told another local radio station that the driving prohibition is for four months.

Van Dongen said he received last Thursday a letter from the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (OSMV) — which is part of his cabinet portfolio — giving notice of "a driving prohibition due to tickets I have received for speeding."

Now, as Min. of PSSG, he's in charge of ICBC, umm, so I guess we can only assume that Speedy Gonzalez thinks rules for other suckers and don't apply to him. Is it he who heads the Ministry is exempted from the rules, apparently so, at least until he lost his license for it. Membership has it's rewards, eh?

And I have to say, I better there were some very nervous conversations about this in ICBC, so good on whomever stuck to their guns and took this Street Racer off the roads. Hasn't he heard speed kills?

It kind of makes you wonder what else might have been going on beneath the radar? Is anyone else sensing a theme here? It sure seems like this gang of Liberals play fast & loose with the rules and expectations all of us have to abide by. But ya know, It's Hard out Here for a Pimp.


Ho fucking Ho? Harmony Airways owner David Ho allegedly pulled over by police with two prostitutes, Global TV reports

Bill Tieleman, March 2nd 2007

Sorry for the obscenity but this story begs for it.

Global TV's John Daley reported last night that David Ho, owner of Harmony Airways, was recently pulled over by Vancouver Police in the company of two sex trade workers.

Global reports that a crack cocaine pipe was also found in the car and that Ho was given a 24 hour roadside suspension at the time.

Ho's name most recently came up in December 2006 when former BC Liberal Finance Minister Gary Collins quit as Harmony Airways CEO after just two years on the job. Collins recently joined Belkorp Industries as a senior Vice-President.

Ho is a major BC Liberal donor and supporter, donating more than $102,000 to the party.

BC Safety Minister Suspended from driving for 'excessive speeding'

CBC News. April 24 2009.

Solicitor General John van Dongen loses driver's licence over speeding tickets.
Vancouver Sun. April 24, 2009.


Objectively people, on top off everything else we know and don't know about the last 8 years of the BC Liberal's "governance" of us, the people of BC know that we can't endure anymore of this.

A growing majority of us mistrust and fear our own government. We want change and the right thing to do is take a giant step forward and demand an end to this insanity.

The citizens of BC, the mere mortals, that we are, want a return to some semblance of integrity, of honesty, of ethics and morality in the leadership of our province. Clearly, that will just not be possible with the BC Liberals. It is time to switch it up.

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