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We Ain't Talking: Greatest Hits of the BC Liberals

Some videos and quotes that are as "in your face" as it gets to explain point blank what the Libs are all about. It's question period, not answer period, right? We really don't want any more of this, do we? Thanks to Public Eye Online for the videos.

"The stink rising from the B.C. Rail corruption caper has reached a new high on the stench-o-meter with the fresh evidence linking Premier Gordon Campbell's most-trusted right-hand man to the malodourous affair. ... And still the premier refuses to comment, refuses to explain. His whole before-the-courts, won't-talk-about-it shtick sounds more lame and evasive as the stink rises ever higher."
- Michael Smyth (the Province), March 27, 2009

Grand Theft Railroad: British Columbia Votes 2009

"Mr. Campbell needs to make a clear, unambiguous statement about what he knew about Mr. Kinsella's involvement and when ...British Columbians deserve answers. The integrity of the Premier's office is at stake."
- Gary Mason (Globe and Mail), March 26, 2009

Campbell: "I know that many people think they can turn this into an election issue..."

"The public has a right to answers on why B.C. Rail paid $297,000 to the consulting companies of Patrick Kinsella, a well-connected Liberal who ran the party's last two election campaigns.

Campbell: "I think I've already answered those questions."

"Premier Gordon Campbell's refusal to answer basic questions raises the appearance that the government has something to hide."
- Editorial (Times Colonist), March 28, 2009

Coleman: "Nothing in my briefing notes has ever come from them that they have any concerns."

"I'm proud to be part of a government that's been the leader in Canada in dealing with homelessness, mental health and addictions."
- Housing Minister and homelessness "czar" Rich Coleman (Hansard), March 5, 2009.

Falcon: "I don't want to undermine the position the AG's said."

"Quite frankly, I don't spend a lot of time trying to understand all these calculations of tonnage and emissions and all that."
- Kevin Falcon, Global TV, Jan. 16, 2008

Oppal: "I'm not going to answer that question."

“You're the lawyer. If sub judice is the right way to go, it's up to you to explain why. Otherwise, we'll just keep calling you 'Stonewally.’”
- Les Leyne (Times Colonist), March 31, 2009

B.C. Liberal house leader Mike de Jong is the latest member of Gordon Campbell's cabinet to refuse to come clean over his ties to Patrick Kinsella.

When host Vaughn Palmer asked him last night on Voice of B.C. if he had ever met with Patrick Kinsella, Minister de Jong said he hadn't and then changed his mind and said "I don't think so".

Christensen: "I think we need to be careful in casting a brush too broadly."

"It took too long to get to the child and Savannah died," he said.
And that, in one sentence, is why Christensen's failure to announce immediate action to address growing backlogs in child protection investigations is unacceptable."
Editorial, Times-Colonist, Nov. 5, 2007

The Stone Wally Blues

30 percent cuts to B.C. public service?

Gordon Campbell Hates You

BC Votes 2009 Shadow Governments

"Partnerships" and meetings with Alberta, Yukon, Washington State, through Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) ... other American states.
"Police amalgamation to fight crime..."

PNWER controls, or has had influence over:

Gateway Project, BC Water rights, BC Power transmission, Privatization of Hydro, Terasen Gas, Pipelines, Run of River projects, P3's...

With over 20 million people and over US $700 billion in gross regional product, the US Pacific Northwest and Western Canada is one of fastest growing regions of North America. We are China and East Asia’s gateway to North America, the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the site of several major infrastructure projects and business opportunities.

Founded in 1991, PNWER is the only statutory, non-partisan, non-profit, bi-national, public/private partnership in North America. PNWER is the forum for collaborative bi-national planning involving both the public and private sectors and offers leadership at the state/provincial level in Salem, Olympia, Boise, Helena, Juneau, Edmonton, Regina, Victoria and Whitehorse, and at the national level in Washington, DC and Ottawa.

ABC - Anyone But Campbell's Liberals on May 12th 2009.

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