Sunday, April 26, 2009

Driving with BC Liberal Clowns to Hawaii

Deadly news video montage, it just slays me, hahahaha.

Driving with BC Liberals

Watch Laura "Hell on Wheels" McDiarmid, John "speedy" Van Dongen, and Jesse "The Kid" McClinton in action!

Campbell’s Clowns

Big top is in town

Looking for his third term

Gutted forest industry

Lies smouldering

Lied and gave BC rail to the Americans

With raw logs, rivers, and

Thousands of high paying jobs

Shut down schools and hospitals

Ripped up collective agreements

Laid-off thousands of gov’t workers

(With more to come)

Highest child poverty rate in Canada

(Five times in a row)

Children can work at age 12

An impaired driving conviction

(Shark like grins)

Police raid on the legislature

Lowest minimum wage in Canada

Eight years in a roll, with another four to go

Gave himself a 50% pay hike

And tax breaks to his clown friends

The ones with painted smiles

On their pasty white faces,

Have to, they know not how to laugh

Vulnerable elders made homeless

As well as countless “others”

Some died on our good streets

Social policies by stealth

Ensure corporate wealth

At the expense of public health

Big top is in town again

Until May 12th.

I see many lining up to watch the show

I thought clowns were suppose

To make citizens laugh, not cry!

To have a strong democratic government

You need caring people, not these clowns

Who want privatization and a user fee

This election vote NDP!

~ Poet 911


Gordo Five-O

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