Wednesday, May 18, 2005

BC is the REAL winner in this Election

Campbell bruised, public well-served by election

Paul Willococks: Paying Attention
Campbell wins second majority, loses 9 from cabinet
May 17 2005 11:43 PM. CBC News
Overall Election Results
I have to admit the big NDP win made me a bit teary,
not sad at all, very, very happy. There will be more
balance and more opportunity to hold the BC Liberals
accountable for their actions towards the most vulnerable
people in BC, some of of whom I work with who are
drowning, or even dying. Their lives and deaths will
no longer be invisible. And I sincerely hope that the
opposition fights and provides the leadership to help
create more stability in the organizational culture of
the BC government, it is sorely needed.
James says Liberals sent message with positive
NDP results

May, 17 2005 - 11:40 PM
Way to go NDP and supporters. I know how much hard
work went into the campaign.

Way to go BC for renewing my hope that we can blend
economic plans and development with values of social
support and care for each other. I hope a real balance
can be found in this province.
Last Updated May 17 2005 10:44 PM PDT
CBC News

VANCOUVER The referendum on electoral reform
is in a very close race, with about 56 per cent voting 'yes'
and 44 per cent voting 'no'.
Surprised myself & voted yes to STV as well,
as someone else said, to shake things up.
Although I guess we've gotten our wish on that tonight too.
STV referendum update
May, 18 2005 - 12:00 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - To pass, the Single
Transferrable Vote referendum must be approved by
60 per cent of the valid votes cast, and by the majority
of valid votes cast in at least 48 of the 79 electoral districts.

By Total Votes Cast
3,843 of 9,865 polls reported (percentage in brackets)

Yes 339,334 votes (56.7)
No 259,515 votes (43.3)

By Electoral District at 12:00 a.m. PDT
Yes leading in 51 districts
No leading in 2 district

Now onto a couple of Cabinet predictions:

Wally Oppal - new AG
Colin Hanson - hmm, maybe will continue as Minister of Finance.
Carole Taylor - maybe Deputy Minister and Minister of Children
& Family Development? Or will that be Linda Reid, she's paid some
dues as a Minister of State & proved she could deliver again.

Very happy Hagen may be gone, but scared to see who will take his
place. MCFD needs someone who actually knows something about
child welfare AND who actually cares about the children & youth
of this province.
B.C. Election results and comment
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