Monday, May 16, 2005

The Truth Behind the Lies of the Mainstream Media

Is Campbell a “made man”? With enough rumours
to end his career, how come the media leave him alone?

By Kevin Potvin
What's the B.C. election really about?
The B.C. Liberals are not here for you or me; they are not
committed to ensuring working people have what we need,
or in protecting human rights or workers' rights. They are
here to privatize and sell off B.C. to the highest bidder.

Debra Critchley, (May 16, 2005).
Earth to B.C: A plea to conscience voters:
The difficult truth is: a vote for the Green Party is a vote
for Gordon Campbell. And a vote for Campbell is a vote for extinction.
Howard Breen, (May 16, 2005).

I'm feeling pretty bleak and fatalistic and hoping that my forebodings
are wrong for tomorrow's count. One thing that has become clear
as I have created this blog is that the revolutionary spirit of
dissidence, free speech and political engagement has created a
large presence of social justice and political activists in BC over
the last 4 years. I am sincerely committed to continuing to
unmask Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals for what and who
they truly are and how their policies and actions hurt the
marginalized and vulnerable people in our province.

I hope all of the social justice, political activists & pundits I have
had the pleasure to read, and feel are my peers and community
will continue in your efforts to bring different perspectives to the
mainstream, the truth behind the Canwest-manufactured lies and
the struggle for social justice in BC. We have all made a difference
and contributed something so valuable to the public discourse about
politics in British Columbia.

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