Sunday, May 22, 2005

Still no word on Cabinet postings

Look of new Legislature not yet determined
May, 21 2005 - 10:00 PM

VANCOUVER - Neither the Premier or newly re-elected
members of the NDP are revealing much about how things
in the Legislature will look when the Provincial Government
resumes its work.

Premier Campbell says he has yet to contact any of his newly
-elected MLA's about possible cabinet positions but he says
it will be a task for the not-so-distant future, "I will take the
end of this week, the next probably four or five days, or
maybe even a week. I'll be meeting with all of the members
that were elected, talking to them about what their goals are."

Meanwhile, on the Opposition side, former NDP Cabinet Minister
Mike Farnworth, who was also re-elected to the Legislature, isn't
willing to comment on speculation he might be the next Oppostion
House Leader, "What we have to recognize is that we have an
opportunity here to come together as a team, and if we perform
as a team, we'll do well."

Both Campbell and Farnworth were appearing on CKNW's David
Berner Show, hosted by former Deputy Premier Christy Clark.
NDP Temping

In other news, Sean Holman, of the Vancouver Sun, reported
in his Saturday, May 21st column some NDP staff assignments
have been handed out to some of campaign staff and other party

Scott Perchall, will be Carole James' acting press secretary.
Suzanne Viet is on a two-month contract as the opposition
caucas' interim executive director.
David Perry is interim chief of staff.
Jim Rutkowski will be acting communications director.
Raj Sihota is acting deputy chief of staff.

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