Sunday, May 29, 2005

News from Vancouver City Hall

Green goes extra miles to 'do his duty'

By Mike Howell-Staff writer, (May 26, 2005).
The Vancouver Courier On-line.

Coun. Jim Green was on the phone from Milan,
Italy talking about why he spent the most money
of any council member, including the mayor, on
travel expenses last year.

It was Friday and he and a contingent from Vancouver,
including the mayor's executive assistant Geoff Meggs,
had just met with the Canadian consul general in Milan.

Green's trip, like the $13,259 worth of trips he took in
2004, is being paid for by the city, or in this case, the
"mayor's discretionary fund." Green said he didn't know
how much the final tab will be.
Vancouver City Hall - 2004 Statement of Financial Information

Police Chief at top of city's financial heap
By Mike Howell-Staff writer
, (May 26, 2005).
The Vancouver Courier On-line.

Vancouver's top cop was also the city's top paid
employee last year, raking in $223,856 and spending
$20,000 on conferences, courses and training, according
to city financial statements for 2004.

Police Chief Jamie Graham's pay included a $15,000 bonus,
which he received in 2004 for his performance in 2003-a
year the police department exceeded its budget by $4.5

Trustees looking ahead to November civic vote
By Naoibh O'Connor-Staff writer
, (May 26, 2005).
The Vancouver Courier On-line.

One election is done and another postponed, but
there's at least one more to go this year when
voters cast ballots during the civic race in November.

Most school trustees are weighing their options,
although Angela Kenyon and Jane Bouey, both of COPE,
have confirmed plans to run for reelection.
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